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Telintel Robocall Campaigns Platform API description V1.0


The following document describes the API procedure for the Telintel Campaigns Robocall Platform. Please contact the Telintel Support team if you need a more custom set of APIs for your integration or if you need assistance.


Description and requirements


This service is intended for live traffic, it is scoped for notification systems. It may receive several requests simultaneously and handle them asynchronously.
Telintel LTD provides an HTTP-API to create Campaigs Robocall. It requires an application capable of reading JSON objects, GET/POST requests, Authentication credentials, and enough credit balance to complete the procedure.

The Robocall campaigns created in Telintel platform using the API service, are executed immediately are created, the audios are provided in .wav format indicating URL. Has the ability to create audio sending text, this text will be processed with Text2Speech to generate the corresponding audio.

The service requires a number of origin “from” contact list “toList” campaign and at least one object in the “callSteps” which may be of the “PLAY” or type “say”.There is a type step called “DETECT” this type could go only after execute a step “PLAY” or step type “SAY”.In a step “DETECT” entered “OPTIONS” these turn contain other attributes with which you can make calls to step into the IVR process.


Account Administrators can log into their Telintel Managed Messaging Platform account and add a callback URL for DLR or MO messages in the “My Profile > Settings” section.