Regardless of the size of your call center, or whether you use it for inbound or outbound, or whether you specialize in collections, financial services or marketing, etc…
all call centers share the same challenges:

How to fill my seat capacity

How to increase my business without investing in licensing, infrastructure, or agents

How to attract more and bigger clients with my current capacity

How to offer new products to my existing clients

Go4Clients will allow you to solve all these issues immediately.

If you are a call center usually there are three departments involved in any campaign:
IT, Sales and Operations. So we will present the benefits by department.

For the Operations department

For the IT Department

For sales

Serve new clients

Custom campaigns

Benefits for the Operations department

Start right away: Everything is online, so you can start using Go4Clients, immediately.

Redirect the IVR options that require real agents to your call center. Via SIP or dialing a number.

No need to buy more licensing or infrastructure, or hire more agents.

Very fast throughput: up to 60 calls per second.

Analytics in real time so the campaigns can be monitored and improved

One person operation: one operator can program and launch hundreds of campaigns per day, without the need of an external entity.

Save time by pre-programing all the campaigns of the week , of the month, etc.

Save Time by generating audios using Text2Speech.


Just type your mobile number in the box and you will receive a voice message from Go4Clients.