A collections department needs to contact a large database of debtors quickly and
effectively. Getting the debtor to pay their account is the goal of every
communication sent.

Go4Clients utilizes Text2Speech to turn a simple collections audio recording like:
“This is a notice that your account is overdue and must be paid immediately”
To something unique and personalized like


With the Go4Clients platform, you can use a Virtual Agent to create and
send thousands of calls, so you can focus your agents on receiving those
transferred calls. No new agents and no new infrastructure needed!
Go4Clients will:

Create personalized calls for you,

Make thousands of calls for you,

Redirect active callers to your agents,

All you have to do is press START on your Go4Clients collections campaign!
Just type your mobile number in the box and you will receive a voice message from Go4Clients.

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With Go4clients obtains high efficiency in collection campaigns and you will have real time metrics and statistics
Check out the power of Go4clients!