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Send Mass SMS Message Procedure

The Send Mass SMS Message procedure is designed to be used when a large quantity of messages needs to be sent in a short period of time a message to a list of recipients. The answer of each message is synchronously; meanwhile the delivery receipt of each message is asynchronous (please see Delivery Receipt of a Message section).

To send a message the request must be submitted one of the following URLs:
HTTP (non-SSL)
HTTPS (SSL) *recommended*
https://portal2.telintelsms.com:3011 /TelintelSms /api/sendmessage/massive
1.1 HTTP Methods
For the Send SMS Message procedure, the POST HTTP method must be used.

1.2 Authentication Information
All requests require API Key and API Secret authentication credentials. Account Administrators can login to view their account API Key and API Secret in the “My Profile > Settings” section.

To authenticate a request, please use one of the following options: