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All prices are in Dollars


5 Cents per minute or text

No monthly fee
$25 Extra Keyword
$10 Phone Number


$ 49
per Month

1100 Minutes/Text
1 Keywords Included
$20 Extra Keyword
$5 Phone Number


per Month

4000 Minutes/Text
2 Keywords Included
$15 Extra Per Keyword
$4 Phone Number

• •

per Month

9000 Minutes/Text
4 Keywords Included
$10 Extra Per Keyword
$3 Phone Number

• • •
- GOLD -

per Month

20000 Minutes/Text
6 Keywords Included
$5 Extra Per Keyword
$2 Phone Number

Any Additional text messages and minutes not covered in the plan will be charged at the Plan rates and will be deducted from your wallet.

Long numbers available, Short numbers available

For Higher Volumes, please contact us.


Marketing Platform

Create Marketing Campaigns using SMS, Landing Pages, Voice Broadcast. Customize auto-responses for Opt-Ins, Opt-Outs and Custom Keywords.

Landing Page Builder

Just select the appropriate Template and create beautiful Landing Pages by dragging and dropping elements. Include the landing page in the SMS and collect use user information through the call2action buttons.

IVR / Voice Broadcast

Reach thousands of users using voice to provide and/or collect information. Just upload the audios and program the Keystrokes and send the campaigns and collect the information.


Just type the text and Go4Clients will convert it to audio using natural voices. Even more , Go4Clients can help you personalize the audio per client: Just upload an excel file including the text per client and Go4Clients will do the rest.

Voice Recorder

Do you need to record your own audio? Go4Clients allows you to record the audio directly from the portal.

Unlimited Contacts and Groups

With Go4Clients you can upload as many clients and create as many groups as needed. Then just select the group(s) and send the message to all the clients in that group at once.



NETWORKPayGo TextBasic TextBronze TextSilver TextGold Text
USA MOBILE$0.05$0.0445$0.0372$0.0332$0.030


NETWORKPayGo VoiceBasic VoiceBronze VoiceSilver VoiceGold Voice
USA ALASKA$0.1012$0.0949$0.0886$0.0854$0.0823
USA CONTINENTAL$0.0500$0.0445$0.0372$0.0332$0.0300
USA HAWAII$0.0500$0.0445$0.0372$0.0332$0.0300
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Sales Contact: +1 (786) 871-6544

How many text messages and voice calls can I send per day?

You can send as many as you want as long as you have balance on your plan and/or  money on your wallet.  Also, keep in mind that all your text messages and voice calls have to comply with the regulations of the country where you want to send the traffic . To send traffic to the USA you have to comply with the TCPA and DNC regulations.

Pre-Pay For A Year And Save 20%

While you’ll never sign a contract with Go4Clients, if you pre-pay for a year, we’ll discount your monthly plan by 20%. Call us at +1 (786) 871-6544 for a pre-paid discount.

PayGo Vs Monthly Plans

If you are on the PayGo plan, the credits you purchase will expire after 12 month. If you are on a monthly plan, your plan credits refresh every 30 days based on the date you started the monthly plan (not on the calendar month).


In which countries can I receive SMS?

Currently you can receive SMS through phone numbers in the U.S., the UK, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and 28 more countries. if you have a question for SMS-enabled numbers in a particular country, please let us know through Contact Us page.

*Note: phone numbers that can receive SMS messages are labeled “SMS-enabled”.

To which countries can I send SMS?

With Go4Clients you can SMS anywhere you want

In which countries can I do voice broadcast?

With Go4Clients you can SMS anywhere you want

Do you need more?

Go4Clients SMS/Voice Solutions


Whether you need to find a way to test your already established SMS quality or you simply need to send a pin code via SMS, rest assure Go4Clientes has got you covered.

Our global network coverage spans worldwide to 190+ countries and can be connected to through a single access point.

Gain access to your new customized solution in no time. Connect to us through one of our APIs, SMPP, or through the use of our multichannel web-based marketing platform.



Build mobile landing pages in minutes using G4C’s Landing Page Builder. Push Content, Video, Capture Data and Complete Transactions and more. Include them in the SMS’s and collect user information using forms and “call to actions”


IVR (interactive voice response) allows you to interact with your customer with a phone call using a simple keypress.


With Go4Clients you can reach thousands of users in minutes using prerecorded calls. Integrate it with Text2Speech to personalized each call and you have a very powerful tool for collection, surveys, alarms, One Time Pin calls, appointment remainders, etc..


Eliminate extended hold times, customer frustration and call queues by offering customers the option to “Press 1” to receive a call back from the next available agent of your Call Center.