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Voice Broadcast

With Go4Clients you can send thousands of prerecorded calls in few minutes. Just select the contacts manually or upload an excel file, Select a prerecorded audio or upload an excel file to generate the audios using Text to Speech, program the start date and send it. This service is available in any country.

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Easy integration with IVR

You can now extend your voice broadcast capabilities using IVR. The interactive voice response helps you set up a series of audio menus that your customers can easily follow via keypad entry and will be directed to your Customer Service or any desired department.  “For Sales press 1, to participate in the survey press 2 …”

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Personalize each call – Text to Speech

You can use voice broadcast to reach thousands of customers instantly with their own name and relevant data. ‘Dear Mr. Smith, your balance is XXX ….’ . Use the power of crystal clear voice for appointment reminders, surveys, invitations, notifications and collections. Text to Speech is available in several languages and voices.

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Money Saving

Voice Broadcast is efficient by freeing up agents by making the calls that otherwise agents would have to make. The integration with IVR will provide auto-responses to users that otherwise agents would have to answer . It also provides 24/7 support to its users.

High Throughput and Capacity

Since we can process thousands of voice calls at a time we deliver the voice messages instantly. Available in several countries. Ideal for worldwide OTP ( One time Pin) notifications using voice.

Collect, review and improve

We provide real time analytics so our users can learn more about their statistics and work on better campaigns in the future. The information we provide is detailed, drilling down to the individual level.

Send your voice broadcast campaign directly from your CRM and Call Center using our API.



Upload Your audio or used Text to Speech to create a personalize audio


Select your contacts or groups.


Program your campaign variables, activate IVR if necessary and stard the campaign


Review statistics, Go4Clients provides vet detailed statistics, all the way to the user level.

Fill all fields.

1. Please provide your name

2. Provide a valid email address.

3. Provide the country where you are located

4. Provide a valid phone number for the selected country

5. Select a language

6. Provide the desired text to convert to speech.

Start using Go4Clients today Sales Contact: +1 (786) 871-6544