Cobranza Marketing Marketing is the way how customers and companies interact with needs and solutions. For most marketers the challenge is to understand what a specific customer needs and solve using a product or service. For achieving these huge tasks, marketers need several communication channels to reach their message and therefore achieve sales. To do […]


Cobranza Developers Developers want to use well-documented APIs that are easy to understand and use, but most of all they want flexibility and to save time using pre-established procedures. Go4Clients APIs offer the methods to send and receive SMS, Voice Calls, and Emails, check prices, generate audios using text2speech, and much more, but it also offers the possibility of […]

Data Collection

Cobranza Data Collection Sending personalized marketing to customers is challenging if you lack a database. Trying to collect data manually, think the checkout counter asking for information, proves to be tedious and inefficient. Using Go4Clients, specifically, SMS will be the best way to start. We recommend to incentive customers to reach out directly to you. Imagine a […]

Rastreo de llamadas

Cobranza rastreo de llamadas Cuando se lanza una campaña de marketing a través de varios canales (TV, Radio, Social Media, SEO, SMS, Email, Llamadas, etc.) y se esperan llamadas, es importante saber qué llamada proviene de ese canal (trazabilidad). Go4Clients puede asignar un número de teléfono para cada canal de comunicación, para que pueda evaluar […]

Surveys and NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Cobranza Surveys And nPS (Net promoter score) The mechanisms to assess customer satisfaction are indispensible in every industry. But more than the quantitative results, (number of “YES” & “NO” replies), the most important thing is to have qualitative results, that is, because the client is satisfied or because he is not. It is essential to […]

Promotions Evacuating Inventory

Cobranza Promotions Evacuating Inventory  Promotions allow you to quickly evacuate inventory. Its efficiency depends on how fast the information reaches users. There is no use of sending an email campaign to millions of users with the most spectacular promotions if the user does not read the email. Or sending an SMS campaign if the user […]

Alerts And Notifications

Cobranza Alerts And Notifications Go4Clients allows you to send alarms using Email, SMS or calls, in any combination and sequence. You can do it using Drips o API. Go4Clients has the ability to send millions of Email, SMS, and Calls in a short amount of time, which is mandatory for most notifications. For example, if you are […]

Lead Generation

Cobranza Lead Generation Generating Leads through Go4Clients is a smart automation strategy, since it allows you to personalize each Email, SMS and Voice message, and create automatic sequences (Drips) depending on the behavior of the previous message. It also offers you all the information on the behavior of each email, so you can make better […]

Relieve Congestions In Call Centers

Cobranza Relieve Congestion in call centers In times of emergency, Call Centers may see the number of agents reduced and/or receive spikes of traffic. In either case, response time can be increased to the point of poor customer service and even failing to meet service levels. Go4Clients Drips offer high-impact, fast-deployment solutions that dramatically improve the user […]