Affiliate Network

Cobranza Affiliate Network The Affiliate Network  is the intermediary between publishers and merchants. Publishers try to generate as many clicks or leads at the lowest possible cost to sell to merchants. For publishers there are two very important things: 1. Generate the highest number of clicks in the most economical way: One of the most […]

Government and Protection of Women

Cobranza Government and protection of women One of the many side effects of the health emergencies of COVID-19 is that it has forced millions of people to remain in their homes for several weeks. Due to this, a drastic increase of domestic violence has occurred, which almost entirely is directed at women, children, and adolescents. […]

Government and Social Inclusion

Cobranza Government and social inclusion Government must use new technologies to achieve inclusion of 100% of the population in new social programs and policies. While some technologies meet the needs of people with certain disabilities, nearly 40% of the population still struggle with consuming digital content due to common disabilities. ●     12% of the […]