3 Ways To Increase Your Database Open Rates

3 Ways To Increase Your Database Open Rates

Are you still sending the same marketing campaigns that have been less and less effective?

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Email and SMS campaigns can bring a huge profit towards your organization when done right. But when results are coming in, it causes frustration. Not to mention that your competitors are probably doing the same as you. But you religiously stick to your marketing strategy hoping for different results. And as we all know, doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Marketing campaigns have become a science, almost an art to get good engagement results. There are many controllable factors that can make or break your campaign. And as a marketer, you know that every ad dollar counts. So you want to make sure your campaigns are being read by as many consumers as possible. But no matter how strong your relationship with your database is, you will always be competing to get your audience’s attention.

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You could have the best product available, better pricing than your competitors, or a better promotion. But if consumers don’t open that message, then your campaign will suffer. We have compiled a number of steps that will boost your open rates for your SMS and Email campaigns. Continue reading and see how trying these different approaches can benefit you.

Here are 3 simple ways to get consumers to open your content

1. Sender & URLs

When sending a campaign, remember that first impressions matter. A LOT. But customers react differently to receiving an email vs receiving an SMS. So let’s start off with email.


When you first receive an email there are 2 things you look at: the sender and subject line. These two factors play a large role in your open rates. The average consumer does not take very long before opening your message.

So the destiny of your email is based on these points. Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer, What are you most likely to open? An email from John.Smith@ABCCommerceStore.com or Sales@ABCCommerceStore.com? Setting up a personal name will increase opens as it feels much more personal. This small tweak to your campaign can create a drastic change. Try it out!

SMS Landing Pages

Now for SMS, this is a different ball game. To begin, there is no technology out there that can detect when a text message has been opened. But we can detect when a short link or landing page has been opened.

One way to increase opens on your landing pages is the URL. When you receive an SMS from a number you don’t know, you will most likely not open any URLs. Consumers can think that this can be some type of scam or virus when it’s too long. Using your company domain in the landing page URL will help create a sense of brand credibility that you have been searching for.

2.Personalized Offers

Personalizing campaigns is a great way to increase open rates on your campaigns. This is a great way to grab a customer’s attention and increase those conversions you’ve been looking for. Now, we don’t just mean personalizing the messages with:

“[First Name], Check out this our Spring Sales for ABC ECommerce Store”

We mean personalizing specific offers based on how consumers have responded to previous campaigns. Create specific retargeting campaigns to consumers that have opened your campaign but didn’t click on it. Send them another message saying:

“Hey [First Name], don’t wait too long for our Spring Sales. Promotion ends 3/30/2020” 

This will create that incentive to not miss this opportunity, not miss that chance to be a part of this deal that you’re offering

3. Character Limits

Know your limits! With Email and SMS campaigns, we have a limited number of characters we can use to get your message across. But we don’t have to use all of them.  Let’s dive in with email first


Generally speaking, the sweet spot is about 50-60 characters for email. Consumers receive hundreds of emails per week, so it’s important to not get lost in the inbox. Subjects too long won’t be read, so get your message across as quickly as you can.

Also, remember that people read emails on different types of formats. Some may use Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or another source. Or even how they’re reading the email. Through a desktop or their phone? How big are their screen sizes? All these factors play a large role in the open rates of emails. They all display different amounts of characters in the subject line. So keeping it short is a good tactic.


For text message campaigns, you’re actually forced to be simple and get straight to the point. This is something the consumers value from advertisers.  Quick short description and CTA of your content will surely grab your audience’s attention click on your short links

Tie it all Up

For good digital marketing strategies, there are many tests that you may have to do to get the sweet number of conversions you want. You need to start off by having all your controllable factors lined up and ready. These include sending date, promotion type, channel, etc. Once you start seeing results, you can just schedule them and let the traffic flow itself.

These tips are to take advantage of the little time you have to get the reader’s attention. Maintaining good quality content will be sensed by consumers to engage with your brand.