Call Centers

Regardless of whether you are a Call Center, Contact Center, Collection Agency, Marketing Agency, Financial Institution, Software Company, etc., all these operations have many similar concerns:

  • They constantly face the challenge of improving profitability and management indicators based on the use of technologies, which also allow them to innovate in their service offerings. Go4Clients offers immediate services of SMS, personalized Massive Calls, Email, Landing Pages, Text2Speech, Speech Recognition, AMD (Answering Machine Detection), Call Recording, Call Transcription, pixels, etc. on a single platform, and automatic sequences (Go4Drips) that combine the previous ones.
  • They constantly face the challenge of improving their omnichannel strategy. Automatic Go4Drips allow users to be contacted by combining multiple channels and have effective retargeting, all from a single database and with consolidated analytics.
  • They constantly face the challenge of competing with differentiating elements. Go4clients Drips will allow you to create and offer products to which your competition does not yet have access.
  • Growth opportunities require costly and time-consuming increases in infrastructure. With Go4Clients you can immediately increase your infrastructure.
  • Even though they are capable of developing software for their operation, and have the option to send SMS, Email, and Calls via API, they require providers that dynamically handle IVR, Text2Speech, AMD and Speech Recognition, SMS, email that can support their volume.
  • As part of the expansion efforts, they have opportunities in other countries, but lack a provider with voice and text message capabilities in those countries. 

If you identify with any of these concerns, the following information will allow you to see how Go4clients can help you.   

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