Call Transfer

Call Transfer refers to the ability to transfer a call from an ALREADY PRE-CLASSIFIED LEAD to an agent. For example if you are selling life insurance LEADS, the institution that buys them will have minimum conditions, for example that they are not older than 50 years, that they  do not have pre-existing conditions, that they are not a smoker, etc.

How can Go4Clients pre-classify a lead?

Pre-qualification questions can be asked:

In any of the 3 cases mentioned, the call is triggered automatically if the conditions are met. For example, the user receives an SMS, opens the Landing Page, fills out the survey, and if the program conditions are met, the call between the user and the agent is connected.

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Creating your Switch – PBX in minutes

Go4Clients allows you to create and configure your PBX in minutes. This includes:

  • Buying the city phone number from where they want to be called.
  • Record the welcome message, generate it with Text2Speech, or upload your own audio file. ” “Welcome to …
  • Create departments. “ For sales, dial 1, for support, dial 2 …
  • Configure each extension, with its welcome message and route the call to a fixed or cellular number or both simultaneously or in sequence.  

But a PBX is also an information system, which can help the user without the need for an operator, saving costs and time. For example you can create options like:

  • “Now we have an app in IOS and Android, to download dial 4 and we will send you a text message with the link to download.”
  • “To make payments, dial 5”
  • “If you want to receive the information by text message including online payment options, Dial 1”
  • “If you want to receive the information by phone, dial 2”
  • “For information about our points of attention, dial 6 and we will send a text message with the information ”

An information system needs to be constantly updated. Go4Clients allows you to create extensions, modify phones, create different sequences, modify links, etc. All using  Drips , in minutes, drag & drop, without the need for developers.