Compensation Funds

  • Compensation Funds are entities that provide a wide number of services ranging from health, education, sports, entertainment, culture, and financial supports, among others, all of these for their affiliate base. Go4Clients can be a useful tool in each of these services, with the unique ability to segment a single database, that groups all affiliates, into different groups of users, without the need to manipulate the database. An example of this could be:

    • A survey is carried out via Landing Page: Are you interested in information from: i. Sport ii. Culture, iii healthy eating …
      • Those who were interested in Culture would receive a Landing Page inviting next month’s concert, requesting confirmation of attendance.
        • Those who confirmed attendance are sent a reminder, with a Maps option,  indicating the location of the auditorium. 
    • A phone call is made informing about the available home loans. At the end of the call it is reported: “If you are interested, press 1 and you will receive a text message where you can download the application form”
      • Those who marked 1 receive an SMS with a personalized link that takes them to the form. 

    You will be able to know who did not show any interest because they hung up the call before finishing the message; those who showed some interest, because they heard the whole message but did not press 1; who showed great interest because they pressed 1; and those who showed all the interest because they downloaded the form. You can think of another strategy for those who showed some interest, or those who got to receive the text message but did not download the form, etc.     

    All this interactivity is possible with Go4Clients.