Creating your Switch - PBX in minutes

Go4Clients allows you to create and configure your PBX in minutes. This includes:

  • Buying the city phone number from where they want to be called.
  • Record the welcome message, generate it with Text2Speech, or upload your own audio file. ” “Welcome to …
  • Create departments. “ For sales, dial 1, for support, dial 2 …
  • Configure each extension, with its welcome message and route the call to a fixed or cellular number or both simultaneously or in sequence.

But a PBX is also an information system, which can help the user without the need for an operator, saving costs and time. For example you can create options like:

  • “Now we have an app in IOS and Android, to download dial 4 and we will send you a text message with the link to download.”
  • “To make payments, dial 5”
  • “If you want to receive the information by text message including online payment options, Dial 1”
  • “If you want to receive the information by phone, dial 2”
  • “For information about our points of attention, dial 6 and we will send a text message with the information ”

An information system needs to be constantly updated. Go4Clients allows you to create extensions, modify phones, create different sequences, modify links, etc. All using  Drips , in minutes, drag & drop, without the need for developers.