Data Collection

Sending personalized marketing to customers is challenging if you lack a database. Trying to collect data manually, think the checkout counter asking for information, proves to be tedious and inefficient. Using Go4Clients, specifically, SMS will be the best way to start. We recommend to incentive customers to reach out directly to you. Imagine a poster or billboard that says:

“For a free [product] text [keyword] to [10-digit number]”.

This strategy allows collecting data from end-users who are already interested in your product. Additionally, by manipulating the “keyword”, you can categorize the data into subjects like location, preference, or time of visit, among many more.

With Go4Clients you can also conduct surveys. According to research, SMS surveys have a high engagement rate of 31%.

Small & Medium-sized businesses with low to high foot traffic, can generate tailored consumer databases implementing something simple and enticing for people to engage. Consider this example of a poster in a bar that can be placed around tables or walls.

Send a text message to 8881112222 with your favorite beer lager, stout, IPA, etc and get a free pint on us

This simple template accomplishes several objectives:

1. It collects phone numbers, which are now part of your database.

2. It gives the bar a glance into what kind of beer its customers prefer.

3. It allows for the bar to segment customers based on their beer preference,

4. The bar can now send personalized offers to its customers.

The above example paired with traditional forms of data collection such as mailing lists will allow businesses to create comprehensive databases of their customer base.