Developers want to use well-documented APIs that are easy to understand and use, but most of all they want flexibility and to save time using pre-established procedures. Go4Clients APIs offer the methods to send and receive SMSVoice Calls, and Emails, check prices, generate audios using text2speech, and much more, but it also offers the possibility of using the Go4Clients interface to create objects in minutes that can be invoked with API. This not only saves you a lot of time but allows you to shift the object without changing the code.

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1. Design DRIPS (automatic sequences) combining SMSEmailCalls, etc. using a drag & drop interface, and execute them with an API. For example, you can create a DRIP for collections by sending a personalized email, if there is no response for a pre-established period of time then a personalized SMS is sent, and if there is still no response, a personalized call is sent. You can execute the Drips from your CRM or management system via API. Even if you need to adjust the Drip, you can do it using the browser in the configuration interface without having to modify the code of its integration with your CRM or application. Imagine the possibilities for:

·  Email marketing

·  Sms Marketing

·  Nurturing Leads

·  Welcoming

·  Onboarding

·  Abandoned Shopping Carts

·  Recommendations

·  Renewals

·  Confirmations

·  Engagement

·  Courses 

·  Unsubscribe


2. Create in minutes Landing PagesIVR, personalized Email Templates and invoke them via API. This not only saves you a lot of time in creating these objects but also allows you to modify them without changing the integration code with your client or CRM.

3. Use “custom fields” to personalize Landing Pages, IVR, Emails, etc. Imagine being able to send Landing Pages, IVR, Emails with the name, the info, and even the images that each client is interested in, directly from the CRM.

4. Go4Clients’ Groups and Contacts categorizes EDRs by a campaign, allowing you to quickly and easily review results in campaign statistics.

5. Go4Clients allows you to send personalized short-link SMS or Email in a single instruction via API. Go4Clients will automatically create an individual Shortlink in each SMS or email that includes a URL or the Landing Page.

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