Email Marketing automation

Email marketing is based on sending a message promoting a service or product to a group of users. Success depends on:

  1. User group. How close is the user group to what is being promoted? This point depends entirely on your database.
  2. Content: How attractive is the content to the user and how is it presented? 
  3. Traceability of each of the clicks in the message. It is very important to know which user clicks, where and when: on one hand it allows to collect information to improve the campaign and to easily do retargeting,  and on the other hand, it allows the “publishers” to know which customers were generated by their campaigns. Go4Clients offers a URL Shortener  that allows you to dynamically create personalized “short url” to track each one of the clicks that are generated from the Landing Pages sent by SMS or emails.
  4. Strategy: There are many theories on how to engage a user, but the most successful are based on:
    1. Building trust by sending messages regularly with interesting content and value for the user.
    2. Take into account the behavior of the user in the previous email and send him/her new content that might be more interesting for him/her. 
    3. Analytics: it is important to know how many users opened the email, how many clicked and when and where. With this information you can make adjustments to improve the results.

Go4Clients allows you to create striking templates using drag & drop ( Email ), personalize each message and create automatic sequences ( Drips ) depending on the user’s reaction to the message. All the information on the user’s reactions to each email is available in the analytics.

Put your recipients first and stay true to your brand

According to the source e-Marketers, an email marketing campaign for the United States market has an average deliverability rate of 90%, opening rate of 15% and delivery rate. click less than 1%. These values are met, of course, when you have a verified database, where subscribers explicitly gave permission to be contacted by the company.

Likewise, the active life time of a database is 8 months, which means a great challenge for a company, having only this time to be able to hook a potential client with its brand or finally lose it and / or end up in spam tray.

This scenario requires that today companies have email marketing tools capable of automating contact processes with their customers, so that they meet their needs, from the moment they land in their CRM, until they complete a purchase and,  in the best scenario, they become referrals from the company.


A company with a database of 10,000 records, sending an individual email campaign (batch mailings), manages to get 1,500 to open their email and only 100 of them get to visit their website. If this same company will have the automation Drips, it could create a workflow by automating the sending of emails to the same database, forwarding emails as many times as it considers, to the point of increasing contactability with its base. 

In numbers, Drips allow: 

First submission: A database of 10,000 records achieves 1,500 openings and 150 clicks. 

The second shipment will be addressed only to people who did not open the first email. It is recommended to do a test sending at another time of the day or with another email subject. 

Second Send: A database of 8,500 records, 1275 openings, and 127 clicks.

The third send is made only to people who did not open the first and second mail. Again, a test is made on the day of delivery, time and subject of the mail.

Third shipment: A database of 7,225 records, 1083 openings and 108 clicks.

At the end of the campaign we will have:

Without DRIPS:

  • 1,500 clients see the communication
  • 150 clients visit the company’s website

With Drips

  • 3,858 clients see the communication (Increase of 270 % !!)
  • 385 clients visit the company’s website (256% increase !!)

The results speak for themselves. Using DRIPS to automate your email marketing will save you time and money, but more important, It will drastically increase the ROI.