Finance and Banking

The routine operations of a banking or financial entity can be optimized with the use of automation and multi-channel mechanisms such as those offered by the DRIPS of Go4Clients:

Send information via SMS with short-url that allow access to form downloads (ie applications to credits, credit cards or other services), or to payment buttons (ie collection processes), or simply carrying promotional information that includes images, videos, etc.

  • Establish a customer service via SMS – Chat, in which there are automatic responses in combination with direct attention (also via SMS – Chat) with user service officials. Since SMS is a universal communication system, it applies to users with or without a high-end telephone, with or without a data plan, and even for pre-paid users with no account balance, it is a useful service for rural coverage banks. and microfinance institutions.
  • DRIPs is also an effective customer segmentation mechanism in terms of communication channels and technology use:
    • If you carry out an SMS campaign with short-url to the Landing Page, it is possible to know who accessed the Landing Page and who did not. Those who did, operate smartphones and have Internet access. Those who do not, can automatically be contacted via another concatenated SMS, with more information content, or via automatic phone call with a message that can be personalized or not, and that may have options with IVR that allow supplying additional information, or if it is necessary, transfer the call to a bank consultant.
    • If a voice message campaign is carried out with IVR, the user can be asked and informed if he wants to receive an email, or prefers to receive an SMS with additional information, or simply with the same information but that is registered on his phone, such as the amount of a fee, or the due date.
    • A very frequent use among our clients is to make a reminder call of the payment due date, which includes a message like this: “If you want to make the payment, press 1 and we will send a text message that contains a link to our button. Payments.”. This has substantially increased the effectiveness of the collection campaign, and improved the customer’s user experience when paying their fees.
  • In crisis situations ( like Covid 19), in which even the hours and days of customer service are different from what they have historically been, information on business hours and branches they serve, about benefits or reliefs given to the pandemic , or about aid to users to overcome the crisis. Please see Relieving Call Center Congestion and IVR and Automation (Interactive Voice Response)