Surveys And NPS (Net promoter score)​

Surveys And NPS
(Net promoter score)

The mechanisms to assess customer satisfaction are indispensible in every industry. But more than the quantitative results, (number of “YES” & “NO” replies), the most important thing is to have qualitative results, that is, because the client is satisfied or because he is not. It is essential to listen to the client, analyze their response and reach the conclusion. The most common way of doing the survey is by telephone with an operator, who takes the answers and writes them down on the CRM so another team member can analyze them.

With Go4Clients you can now send survey/forms via Email, SMS, and voice. Use our templates included or use your own design, but Go4Clients also offers virtual operators who ask the questions, listen to answers, and record them to transcribe them. All this without the need for human operators.

        Save costs on carriers for making calls, forms, and transcriptions. Go4Clients charges a price per survey successfully delivered.

        Save time: Go4Clients allows you to do thousands of simultaneous forms.


        Create pools in minutes: Record your audios or use text2speech to generate them, and create decision trees using Drips’ drag & drop editor.

        Get immediate results. Once the surveys have been completed, Go4Clients analytics will show you the details of each call, as well as the options that were selected by each user, and you will be able to see the transcript and listen to the recording.

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