In times of health crisis ( like COVID 19), the health system is extremely vulnerable, if the necessary care is not taken. The contributions of Go4Clients range from the most obvious, to make the public widely aware of the care they must take to prevent contagion, and the actions to be taken if they have symptoms, to establish mass follow-up communication mechanisms to those who have been infected but are recovering at home. Due to the high number of cases, automatic monitoring mechanisms are required, allowing the patient or their companion to respond to their situation, and above all, to give alarms in case any of the follow-up questionnaires require urgent attention.This work, performed by the staff of a call center would be very inefficient.

Surveys in times of emergency

Go4Clients allows you to carry out surveys routinely, permanently and automatically. It can also activate alarms if any of the responses generates a situation of greater risk, which can be as immediate and effective as making a call informing the nearest medical attention center. With statistics, the current situation is analyzed, sources of contagion are found and actions for control are planned.

The following is an example of the surveys
The government uses the mass media to promote “Do you know if you have Coronavirus?” Text Covid to 33333.

The user sends the text message and receives the following questions, and each question has a value:

“Please tell us what symptoms you have?”

                               Symptom                                       Score
Do you have fever ( Yes / No)                                5
Do your muscles hurt? ( Yes / No)                      1
Do your joints hurt? ( Yes / No)                           1
It is difficult to breathe? ( Yes / No)                 10
Constantly runny nose? ( Yes / No)                  1
Have a dry cough? ( Yes / No)                              5
Headache (Si/ No) ? ( Yes / No)                           5
Sore throat (Si/ No) ? ( Yes / No)                        1


If the sum of the points is less than 5: “Take care”
If it is less than 10: “Stay home”
If it is less than 15: “We need a doctor to assess you, we will call you to give you instructions.”
If it is greater than or equal to 15: “You are at risk, in minutes we will be calling you”

This type of survey can also be done, via IVREmail and with Landing Pages.

Other Uses

There are, of course, a number of additional contributions such as appointment reminders, confirmation or cancellation, rescheduling, reminder of taking medications for high-risk or elderly patients, dissemination of all information by health care providers, with verification of who took any action against the information, among others.