Lead Generation

Generating Leads through Go4Clients is a smart automation strategy, since it allows you to personalize each Email, SMS and Voice message, and create automatic sequences (Drips) depending on the behavior of the previous message. It also offers you all the information on the behavior of each email, so you can make better decisions per customer.

Lead generation is essential to achieve the growth of a company. The reality is that only 2-3% of people who visit your website are ready to take action, either by contacting your sales team or using your product. But what about the remaining 98% who are not yet ready to buy your services and / or product?

For this vast majority of potential customers, it is key to develop different strategies that allow maintaining the image of the company present, generating confidence and security in the brand, in order to positively influence the purchase. 

And how is this done? This important work requires great support from the sales and marketing teams. However, these tasks require an automation tool, which allows the creation of automatic communication sequences depending on the person’s behavior.  Drips from Go4Clients, allows to achieve this complex automation easily, quickly and without the need for software development using the most effective communication channels: Email, SMS, and Calls. That is, you will not only be contacting your potential clients with the precise, accurate and timely communication, but you will also be sending this communication through the channel of communication that your client prefers, saving your commercial team’s time, resources and achieving a scalable strategy in the medium and long term.  


You are a bank that needs to increase the volume of credit card placement in the market. You have a database of 1 million people and multiple platforms to contact these registries. At first, you direct your team to contact this database asking the person whether or not they want a credit card from their bank.  

What not to do:

Initially, your team sends multiple emails and sms, and also your call center makes dozens of calls to your clients, who when contacted by the same bank, every day and through different channels, end up rejecting the offer. Final Result: You exhausted your database and what is worse, closed all possibilities of having a future client.

Let’s face it, no one likes to be contacted from all sides if they have already made a purchase decision. At the end of the semester, you realize that not only you did not achieve the sales goals, but you also exhausted an asset as precious to the company as the customer database.

What to do:


Create an intelligent strategy that allows contacting each user through the right channel, at the right time based on user behavior. This is accomplished with Go4Clients Drips.