Promotions Evacuating Inventory

 Promotions allow you to quickly evacuate inventory. Its efficiency depends on how fast the information reaches users. There is no use of sending an email campaign to millions of users with the most spectacular promotions if the user does not read the email. Or sending an SMS campaign if the user does not open the SMS, or worse consider it SPAM. Or send a voice campaign and the user not answering it. It is the combination of all digital media, the sequence, the message, and delivery time that makes these digital marketing campaigns effective. For example, you can promote a concert as followed:

  1. Send an email campaign one month before the event.


  2. If you still have some tickets available a week before the event, you can send an SMS promoting the event at a discounted price to the users that did not open the email. And a different SMS to the users that opened the email and expressed some type of interest.


  3. If you still have tickets one day before the event, you can send a voice campaign promoting a lower price to customers that showed a high rate of interest when they interacted with the previous SMS campaign.

With this sequence of events you will maximize the sale of price per ticket and sell the highest number of tickets possible. Go4Clients Drips allows you to create this and much more complex sequences in minutes.

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