SMS Marketing automation

SMS Marketing is a very good alternative because of its instantaneity and high percentage of opening. 98% of SMS are read in the first 3 minutes. The success of the campaign is measured in conversions, that is, how many users performed the desired action. The conversions depend on:

  1. Group of users to whom the SMS is sent. It depends on how close the user group is to what is being promoted. This point depends entirely on your database.
  2. Message content: It must be attractive and relevant for the user to click on the hyperlink (short url) that leads to the landing page. 
  3. Personalization: If possible try to include the user’s name in the message and on the landing page. This will increase the number of conversions. Go4Clients allows you to customize each text, image and button of the message and landing page.
  4. Hyperlink (short url): whenever possible you should use your own domain ( It inspires a lot more confidence to open a hyperlink from an organization known as than a generic one like Go4Clients allows you to configure your domains to be used in short-url. See   URL Shortener 
  5. Landing Page Content: Go4Clients allows you to create striking  Landing Pages in minutes, or use your own designs.
  6. Click Tracking. It is very important to know which user clicks, where and when. On one hand, it allows to collect information to improve the campaign and to easily do retargeting,  and on the other hand, it allows “publishers” to know which customers they generated. Go4Clients offers a URL Shortener  that allows you to dynamically create personalized “short url” to track each one of the clicks that are generated from the Landing Pages sent by SMS or emails.
  7. Retargeting: Go4Clients statistics offer detailed information of each user on the type of phone (android or iphone), place and date of opening, and actions on the landing page. This will allow you to do an effective retargeting per user.

Go4Clients has many options and features, all aimed at increasing conversion. For more information please visit   SMS Marketing, Landing PagesURL Shortener and Tracking Pixel 

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