September 2, 2020

3 Ways To Improve
Your Call Center

Reading time (3 Min)

September 2, 2020

3 Ways To Improve Your Call Center

Reading time (3 Min)

Customers often express that connecting with call centers can
either be a smooth or messy experience. Consumer brand expectations have been
increasing, they expect their problems to be handled pain-free and as
efficiently as possible. They appreciate and value good customer service. And
if your call center doesn’t meet the consumer demands, then you’re at risk of
losing your client-based to a competitor that can handle their problems. Brand
loyalty is something that is hard to get, but easy to lose. 

If you manage a call center, you already know some of the roadblocks you experience. Some can lack structure, accurate reporting, agent recruitment and more. But your biggest problem is efficiency among your agents.This hurts the process within your organization and creates customer frustration, giving you a poor customer service appearance. In the call center world, every call is different and consistency can be hard to get, each call with a customer is different. 

Every inquiry is different. Every problem is different. Every solution is different.

With advancements in technology, call center managers can incorporate some strategies and developments without adding any infrastructure costs and STILL increase efficiency. Once you improve efficiency within your call center then you will have a better use of your agents, improved customer satisfaction, and loyal customers. Below you will find 3 ways where you can improve your call center efficiency.

1. Decrease Hold Wait Times


Most customers today can be patient enough to wait a couple minutes in line for the next representative. But what happens when you get a rush of customers calling in at a time. Usually, there isn’t much you can do when you get an unexpected number of calls. Most of the time, every customer has a different situation, problem, or inquiry. And the time to have this call completed will always be an uncontrollable variable. You can eliminate this problem by including Drips automation technology to your contact center. Combine different communication channels like transactional SMS, E-mail, and voice to your campaigns, you can automate the interaction with your customers in one single solution. Consumers are unique, no two are alike. Some may prefer to be contacted via email while others prefer texting. By using Drips, you can set up a campaign that utilizes all channels. Trigger a message based on a consumer’s previous action, or better yet, no action! Using Drips, you create the customer journey and lead them to their desired path to solving their problems.


  1. SMS Chat Center

As consumers adapt and change, brands have to change with them in order to meet their needs and wants. And as strange as this may sound, your call center doesn’t have to fully focus on calls. In today’s world, customers are constantly on the move. Some can’t sit there and wait to talk to a representative. There are Chatbot computer programs that let managers set up keywords and common problems with generic responses. This can be helpful, but when it comes to improving customer service, human engagement always beats Artificial Intelligence. Use a communication platform that allows you to engage with customers using the technology they use the most: their phones.

Instead, you can offer an alternative method with Live SMS chat center. These interfaces are easy to use for agents and extremely convenient for your customers. It is a simple tool, as simple as texting your friend or family. Use this tool to quickly engage with your customers and solve their inquiries via text message. You can also integrate WhatsApp business account on SMS Chat Centers to communicate in an interface customers are more comfortable using.


  1. Call Transfers

As a contact center manager, the scariest sound you can hear is no one talking. You constantly want to hear your agents on the phone. But as you know, there are peak hours and slow hours. You’re tasked to increase engagement during slow hours of the day, week, or month.

A modern method in which managers help the flow of call traffic is using call transfer. But how can you use this tool to INCREASE your traffic? With tools like Go4Clients, you can use the Call Transfer feature to transfer calls with other channels of communication.

Advertisers are using mobile landing pages, emails, and SMS to transfer calls to their call center. You can start promoting your products and services with these channels and trigger phone calls depending on how customers react. Set up a call whenever a user opens a Landing Page, 15 minutes after receiving an SMS, and much more! These calls can be transferred straight to your agents and will help increase call traffic.


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