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As we continue to move forward in this new digital age, companies across different verticals are realizing the power behind some techs. Especially now with COVID-19, this global pandemic has forced people, businesses, and governments to adapt to in order to continue life.

Every day, more and more companies are relying on digital marketing to generate sales leads. With less face to face interaction, companies are increasing their budget on digital advertising. Medias and agencies customers have been thriving for sectors in B2B & B2C.

But companies are still not effectively handling customer lead time and customer queries. Many organizations are generating these leads and prospects, but are having a slow response time. And timing is everything.

According to an audit made by Harvard Business, 16% of companies responded to leads within 24 hours, 24% took then more than 24 hours, and 23% didn’t even respond. These investigations were done for over 2,000 US based companies.

Taking so long to respond to leads causes damage in multiple areas of your business. For starters and the most obvious, you aren’t generating the sale! All that of the efforts being implemented on the marketing strategy and you have little to show because your leads aren’t being sold to when they’re ready.

Second, negative PR and brand awareness for the business. Consumers will have a negative association with your brand. The way a companies interacts with their leads is a reflection of they interact with their customers.

Now, what if you don’t have the resources to contact lead IMMEDIATELY. This is an issue lots of small and medium sized companies are facing. They understand the importance of quick lead turnover time, but do not have enough Customer Experience Reps or Business Developers to attack leads.

Business owners are making big investments to get these leads and losing money by not profiting from them. They can now look into marketing automation to ensure every lead is being contacted immediately without extra costs of agents or representatives to handle them. All while, a strategical approach where leads are stored in your CRM efficiently to follow-up and track.

Using Marketing Automation to keep leads interested

In today’s market, most companies already have a strategy to generate leads. And most likely, that’s being done automated. Whether you’re getting traffic on your contact forms from your social campaigns, PPC ads, outreach, or other; they’re most likely being delivered to your CRM automatically. Why not go a step further?

Follow up with leads immediately by triggering an automated digital communication Drip. This sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. Go4Clients technology allows business to trigger SMS, Voice, or Email campaigns to be fired once contact forms are sent. This immediate follow up causes a higher response and close rate on leads.

When a lead completes a contact form or has inquiries they may be at different stages. Either they’re ready to be sold to or they may simply want more information to learn about your product or services. With Go4Clients Drips you can nurture leads at any stage until they are ready for the sale. This helps businesses segment leads and distribute them to business developers based on where they are in the lead life cycle.

Instead of leaving each lead on your CRM, waiting for a sales representative to contact, trigger an email to the customer & sales rep. An email to the lead could thank them for their interest and explain how a representative will contact them soon. While another email can be trigger to notify each representative that a new lead has come in for them to attack ASAP.

Don’t let your leads turn cold

Businesses are having low lead turn arounds due to insufficient resources of a company or perhaps lack of strategy to automate communication. Now, there’s no reason to leave your prospects waiting. You can guarantee people will receive your message and in return get happy customers who are converting. You can feel calm now knowing your leads are turning to your larger competitors who will address their same needs.