Affiliate Network

The Affiliate Network  is the intermediary between publishers and merchants. Publishers try to generate as many clicks or leads at the lowest possible cost to sell to merchants. For publishers there are two very important things:

1. Generate the highest number of clicks in the most economical way: One of the most common methods to get leads is to send a large number of emails and / or SMS and / or calls. Go4Clients Drips allows publishers to dramatically increase ROI y maximizing the low cost of Email, high conversion of SMS and quick response to the call. Example:
                       1. Send an email and if it’s rejected, then an SMS with Landing Page is immediately sent.
                       2. Send an email and if no action is reported after one day, then an SMS with Landing Page is sent, and if there is no action after one day a call is sent
                       3. Send an SMS with Landing Page, and if the Landing Page is not opened within one day, another SMS is sent a few hours later

Omni-channel and Drips allows you to make and test different sequences until you reach the most efficient and high ROI

2. Have complete tracking of each click: One of the most important things for “Publishers” is knowing which user click, where and when to understand which clients were generated by them. Go4Clients offers a URL Shortener that allows you to dynamically create personalized “short URLs” to track each one of the clicks that are generated from the Landing Pages sent by SMS or email. 

Convert Your Email Database To SMS

Many publishers base their strategy on sending a large number of emails, but the low response rate of the emails plus the filter blocking of the email operators have led to low conversions and minimum ROI. An alternative is to send SMS to the same Email database

But how do you get phone numbers if you only have the email? Go4Clients offers plugins that allow you to get the phone number from an email. It’s an easy and quick strategy to implement. Convert Emails to SMS.

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