Collections is a very delicate topic since nobody likes to be charged. Collecting is an artform that demands knowledge of which channel to reach out on, which words to use, and the most opportune moment to do so. Technology improves recovery by offering tools ranging from informative but not intrusive to highly intrusive. Most collection operations use or have used strategies that apply Email, SMS, Landing Pages, Calls and any number of combinations, but the question is how easy is it to manage all this technology? Do they use an email tool? and then use another tool for SMS?, then another one for calls? Do you manually export data from one tool to another? Do you analyze everything separately and retarget with another strategy using each tool again manually? Can they do A / B testing (A / B Testing) easily and quickly? How fast can they create a sequence? Do you need a developer to create the sequence? It’s a nightmare!

Go4clients automatic sequences (Go4Drips) allow creating any sequence combining Email, SMS, Landing Pages and Personalized Calls based on actions and time. But not only that, Go4Clients centralizes the information and feeds the responses and actions in a single database so that analysis is easy and fast.

No need for development: The creation and modification of the flows is done graphically in minutes, using drag & drop, without the need of programmers or technical knowledge.

For example, you can create flows like:

  • A payment reminder email is sent. 
    • If the email is not opened, an SMS + Landing Page is sent with a payment link and a phone number to speak to a representative
      • If the landing page is not opened, an IVR call is sent reminding you of the payment and with the option to speak to a customer representative to make the payment or a payment agreement. 
  • The day the invoice is issued, a reminder email is sent.
    • If payment has not been received a week before the invoice date, an SMS + Landing Page is sent reminding that the payment date is approaching and the option to pay is given.
      • If payment has not been received a day before the invoice date, a call with IVR is sent offering the option to speak to a customer representative to make the payment or to make a payment agreement. 
  • If the user has not responded to any method. You can send them an SMS + Landing Page. Once the user opens the Landing Page, a call is triggered between the call center and the user (without user intervention). This ensures that the user is available (because he opened the landing page) and is viewing his information in the landing page while talking to him. This method may seem intrusive but it is highly effective.

The possibilities are limitless, and you can create the ideal flow in minutes. Drips

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