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Facebook Lead Ads allow all those people interested in learning more about your company to do so without the need to fill out endless forms from scratch. Just by clicking on your ad, an autocompleted form will appear with their Facebook contact information and that’s it! they can send it directly to you. But it doesn’t end there, for the ad to be as successful as planned, the person who submitted the form needs to convert. For this, the automation of Facebook Lead Ads plays a very important role.

An automated Facebook Lead Ads form will allow people who are interested to be contacted immediately after submitting it. This immediacy is essential because it will significantly increase the chances of the person converting. Why? 

Because it has been proven by several studies that response time is crucial. Waiting 5 to 10 minutes to respond decreases the likelihood that the person will remain interested in your company, let alone waiting for hours! 

The longer you let time pass, the more you reduce the chance of conversion. By integrating it into an Automation platform, you will be able to respond in a direct, instantaneous and personalized way, allowing your prospects, through a simple click, to get the information they want, while you get qualified leads for your company. All this, while saving time and resources.

The power in your hands, instantly.

The Facebook Lead Ads platform not only helps you create ads that optimize the sale of your products/services and find the most suitable leads, but also allows you to synchronize customer information directly with your CRM, instantly. Thus, you will have the necessary data to contact and attend to the lead immediately.

Immediacy is everything.

In the business world, one minute makes all the difference. The more time passes, the more the chances of conversion are lost, and conversely, the faster you contact the prospect, the more likely they are to convert.

This is why the speed with which you respond to new leads will make or break your success.

A study conducted by Harvard Business Review, yielded these interesting results that you should know in order to differentiate yourself in such a competitive market: 

78% of potential customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first.

Responding within the first minute increases lead conversions by 391%.

Calling after 5 minutes is 21 times more effective than calling after 30 minutes.

After 5 minutes, the odds of qualifying as a lead are reduced by 80%.

In these numbers lies the importance of immediacy, and in immediacy lies the importance of automation.

In the business world, one minute makes a difference. The more time passes, the more chances of conversion are lost, and conversely, the faster the interested person is contacted, the more likely they are to convert.

Automate your Forms: Provide value to people 

and generate new leads.

Automation is the key to be able to contact your leads in a timely manner. Trying to do it manually would be not only a waste of time but also a waste of resources, since that in order to achieve this you would have to have staff exclusively dedicated to contacting potential customers during full days.

Only 7% of B2B sales teams currently achieve an average lead response time of five minutes or less.

As we mentioned earlier, every minute counts. Contacting leads after the first five minutes translates into losses. By automating your forms, you will be able to immediately contact all those who submit the form looking for more information, personalizing the message and even creating a flow of communication from then on. This way, you will significantly increase your conversion rates, directly impacting the ROI of your business.

How to automate my forms? 

Case study: Forms integrated to Go4Clients automation platform VS Forms with manual response from the sales team.

A few benefits of incorporating Facebook Lead Ads:

#1 Find qualified leads.

Case study: Forms integrated to Go4Clients automation platform VS Forms with manual response from the sales team.

#2 Reduce the number of lead drops.

Thanks to the auto-completion of most of the contact form fields you exponentially increase the chances of people submitting it, and not dropping it.

#3 Integrate your CRM

Make an integration of your form to your CRM and every time a lead provides their information, it will sync directly with your database so you can contact them immediately.

#4 Ask the right questions

Customize your forms and include only relevant questions, so you’ll capture higher quality leads.

#5 Offer people what they want.

Include value in your ads and make sure people can visualize it. Lead ads can take many forms, such as requests for quotes or demos, newsletter subscriptions and event registrations.

Don’t get left behind!

You don’t need to develop a new lead engagement strategy to start implementing Facebook Lead Ads, you can incorporate this tool to complement your current strategies, maximizing your results! 

As we have mentioned, this platform is designed to provide the user with timely and immediate information. With its use of pre-filled forms, it will allow you to reduce the chances of the user canceling the action.

In addition, you will be able to have your customers’ information in your CRM immediately after they complete the form. Thanks to this, and to the integration of your forms with an automation platform such as Go4Clients, you will be able to contact them instantly, exponentially increasing the chances of conversion.

Are you ready to boost the power of your forms?