Government and protection of women

One of the many side effects of the health emergencies of COVID-19 is that it has forced millions of people to remain in their homes for several weeks. Due to this, a drastic increase of domestic violence has occurred, which almost entirely is directed at women, children, and adolescents.

It’s a problem suffered by people from all walks of life, and therefore any strategy designed to counteract it must consider universal communication. In addition to the legal mechanisms that penalize actions that constitute family violence, the government must focus efforts on preventing these events from occurring in the first place. They need to make the problem visible and above all give protection and accompaniment to victims.

Go4Clients has powerful tool that has enabled positive actions such as the following:

1. Creation of a support network with an automatic communication mechanism between a person at risk and their network: At Go4Clients, a potential victim can register to a support group, with an access number and a previously recorded personalized message for that network member. If the victim feels at risk, they can send a free text message with a keyword that will generate a phone call to each member of the support network, giving the recorded message to each member. It should be noted that the support network can include the police quadrant or 911 number.

2. Multilateral organizations have create support groups for women in order to empower them and provide some company. Using the same pre-registration mechanism, a conference room can be created in Go4Clients that allows calling to each member of the group and connecting them simultaneously. This mechanism allows communication at no cost to the leader as well as to the group they are accompanying.

3. Mechanisms of awareness and visibility of the problem: Go4Clients can generate information with outreach campaigns or surveys related to the subject, to anyone who requests it. That is, in mass media to communicate with citizens, messages such as “family violence attacks our society, how much do you know about it? Send the word violence to code 85640. ”Go4Clients receives this message and returns a text message or a call with, for example, a survey identifying actions that are considered violence, or giving figures on the magnitude of the problem.

Once a citizen has shown interest by sending the text message, its included in a disclosed database.

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