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It only works for email marketing

The term SMS stands for (Short message service). Using this channel of communication can allow you as the sender to reach the person you are trying to reach right away.

The average person seems to have around 35 apps installed on his/her smartphone and each of these applications offers the option to send push notifications but most users turn that feature off however most users do not turn off notifications from text messages as often as other applications including Social Media Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Thanks to this SMS marketing becomes ONE OF THE SINGLE MOST USEFUL MARKETING TOOLS IN THE MARKET allowing you to reach the customer directly.

This is one of the great advantages of SMS marketing however it is always important to keep in mind that one must allow the consumer to opt-in first before sending promotional information and or further texts. Once you have built your database with consumers that have opt-ed in you can now start sending SMS in bulk and make the marketing experience all that much more personal.


Now think about it, you get texts from all kinds of people throughout the day, maybe a good morning text, a remainder text, a text from your bank, a text from your parent, from your significant other, the list is endless and more often than not one just scans and sees which texts to answer depending on the context, importance, or relevance.


However I remember most of the texts that I get throughout the day simply because I have the notifications on, so why not take advantage of this and start sending personalized texts to build your brand, collect leads, and much more! This method works for businesses of all sizes, everyone looks at their text messages!