5 Steps To Generate More Leads For Digital Agencies

October 17, 2019

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September 2, 2020

5 Steps To Generate More Leads For Digital Agencies

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In today’s complex digital and social climate age, some of the biggest obstacles agencies are facing is generating quality leads for their clients. With the ongoing pandemic, their clients are panicking because they need to fulfill sales target goals  each quarter in order to stay viable. Pressure is on.

During quarantine, we have seen a huge spike of users using the web. E-commerce and technology sectors have actually been improving. Why? Because even before the pandemic, their main source of traffic and leads came from digital marketing.

But marketing and advertising agencies need to continue to invest time, research, and money to improve results for their clients. The beauty of digital marketing is that the tools are all available. They just need to find ways to strategize them methodically to generate those sweet leads they’re looking for.

At Go4Clients, we provide you with those exact tools you’re looking for. But not just that, we have use cases and dedicated members within the organization to create that strategy that fits your agency. Integrate your favorite apps to complement your ongoing digital campaigns.

1. Audience Segmentation

First things first, know your audience. But really know them. Understand what your customers like about you, what devices they use to reach you, what specific products do they like. Analyzing your audiences’ demographic and interests allows you to create insightful campaigns in the future that will generate the leads you’ve been looking for.  Some key insights marketers should find out about their brand are:

– What is the age and gender of my current customers vs targeted prospects?
– Where are they located?
– What is my audiences education level?
– What is their job title?
– What device do they use to access our brand? Mobile? Desktop?
– What products or services has the most need?
– What is our best seller?
– Why is this our best seller?

Once you’ve collected all of the necessary data, and segmented the right audience for your brand, you can now start creating your content and ads.

Once you’ve collected all of the necessary data, you can really analyze who your ideal customer is. This in return helps marketers save TIME and MONEY. Next step is everyone’s favorite, Facebook Lead Ads.

2. Launch Facebook Lead Ads

If you haven’t already, it’s time to create your Facebook Leads ads and forms to generate prospects. Why use Facebook Lead Ads? Simple. It’s Easy. It’s Time-Saving. And it doubles your conversions. Using Facebook Lead ads, customers send their interest through built contact forms directly to you.

Facebook Lead Ads does all the work for the user. If they’re interested in your product or service, then their information get pre-populated on the contact form. Focusing on simplicity is key, if you’re user-interface become too complex; users will get frustrated and move onto the next best thing.


3. Configure With Go4Clients

This is where Go4Clients comes in. When a business developer reaches out to prospects with a pitch, the process is different. They must wait till the prospect replies and see how to handle the situation. But when a lead fills out a contact form, they are immediately ready to learn more or even make a purchase soon. With this technology, agencies can immediately contact leads that have completed their forms or took interest in their ads. 

When you integrate Go4Clients with your Facebook Lead Ads campaign, you create a more complete customer experience journey from start to finish. Build out communication flows with the channels your prospects engage with the most. Not everyone uses Email, some may prefer to receive an SMS or a direct call from an agent. All of this is possible with Go4Clients.

4. Content Creation

Focus on creating content that your audience will find valuable. This is why step 1 is crucial. If you’re just beginning to advertise products and services, then it’s all about testing. Create a variety of content that your audience will engage with.
Since you know them, you may know what products they enjoy using the most. Try utilizing the A/B test method to analyze how prospects reach to your content. Generate a few topic ideas that appeal your target audience with visually appealing graphics or free flow writing. 

Having good content helps keep customers engaged with your brand by keeping by keeping them informed making them continually visit your website, equaling in more revenue for your company.

5. Validate Leads & Send Commercial Communications

Now that we have leads continually coming in, we have to validate and nurture them. Validating leads allows brands to save time and see improvements on both quality and quantity of leads. Separate non-converting and converting leads to make wiser decisions on your campaigns. This helps agencies deliver more qualified leads that sales developer and spend their time on, and avoid wasting time on “trash leads.”

And lastly, nurture leads. Not every prospect is ready to make a purchase right then and there. Every customer has their own unique journey and lifetime value. A lead can fill out your contact form, just because they’re interested in learning more. They want to do research before making a purchase. 

Instead of waiting for them, agencies can be proactive by nurturing leads with relevant information based on their interest. Nurture leads at every stage of their life cycle until they are ready to make a purchase. This can include adding them to an automated Drips campaign with weekly continuous content that maximizes marketing and sales effectiveness.

Digital marketing will continue to expand. More solutions will arise, more strategies will come, and more changes to audience will present itself. Marketers need to be up to date with the currently technology to in order to remain relevant with their customers. Go4Clients helps transform your strategy with a fresh, new outlook on lead engagement. Grow your revenue with automation that delivers the conversions your clients needs.


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