October 17, 2019

How to Send an SMS Re-targeting Campaign

How To Use Go4Clients

June 16, 2020

Drips: All in one marketing tool

How To Use Go4Clients

In a perfect world, leads are ready to make a purchase as soon as you’ve contacted them. One message and boom. You have a sale. Sadly, that is hardly EVER the case. All consumers are different, some leads might need constant communication in order to make the full conversion you’re looking for. While others its better to space out conversation with a couple days. Some consumers perhaps don’t even check their emails that often. So with this problem, marketers have come up with a solution to deliver timely information to nurture leads down the sales funnel with Drips marketing.

What is Drips marketing?

Drip marketing is a strategy marketers use to continually deliver material to customers over a period of time. Drips is known for its long-term sales strategy. This method has helped businesses across different verticals to improve their communication with their end users. Its benefits include timely information, lead nurturing and easy automation. Drips programs can be fully customized and can get creative depending on you.

The most common type of Drip campaigns are email communication. Marketers start off by creating an email campaign to send to their end users. Depending on the type of actions a user can make, a follow-up email will be sent to all users. But this second email will be different to users. Consumers that haven’t even opened the email will get a different email with a better offer in the subject line. This will entice them to open the email and review what you’re offering. While users that opened but did not interact with the email will get another one to remind them to complete the conversion.

Generally, once a lead opts to receive information from an organization they start a series of welcome emails. Usually they are delivered immediately. It is then followed up by a series of emails based on their behavior, such as visiting a landing page, completing a purchase, add items to a cart, etc. All these actions are tracked within an interface to review how traffic is reacting. And with this companies create incentive programs to give consumers that last push to complete the conversion.

The goal behind these tree-based strategies is to drive consumers down the sales funnel to complete your main goal. But as the strategy improves, so does technology. Drips marketing has come a long way with its technology, enabling complete scheduling of campaigns, triggering messages with API’s, complete analytics, and much more.

The latest improvement in marketing is that you can use Drips with different communication channels. Not just Email! Consumers don’t just use email as a form of communication. They use their mobile phones everyday to engage with all different types of brands. Start including SMSmobile landing pages, and calls on your drips strategy. By combining different channels this can increase your ROI much higher than using a single channel.

Before, businesses would need different platforms and tools in order to incorporate this type of drips marketing. Marketers and business owners’ process was to download databases from their email tool and put them on their SMS tool to follow up on a lead with a text. But Go4Clients Drips is an all in one marketing tool that has all communication channels at your disposal.

No need to shuffle around databases and calculate separate analytics. With Go4Clients all stats are in a centralized dashboard that allows you to see how each aspect of your campaign is performing.

Benefits of Go4Clients Drips Tool

Timely information

With Drips you can deliver the right content at the right time. Trigger a message to an audience group based on how they’ve reacted to the previous message. But sending this follow up message at the right time is crucial for positive engagements. Too soon may be presumed as SPAM, and if you send it too late then the lead can get cold.

Lead Nurturing

Decision makers are often eager for their business developers to increase their quarterly sales numbers. Rightfully so. So they try to push content and messages to their leads, and too much can turn them off. Using a technology like drips can help you nurture your CRM lists. You create a path for them. Instead of pushing the hard sell to the leads face and potentially losing them, send them content slowly and see how they react. Ease them down your sales funnel with trigger messages based on how they reach to previous campaigns.

As they continue to receive weekly messages reminding them of your business benefits, they will eventually start recognizing your brand and will seek some information on it. This gives your leads the power they enjoy. Them reaching out to you!

Easy Automation

Drips marketing can get quiet tedious and messy. It’s important to understand how you’re setting everything up. But most importantly, understanding how your performance is going which each section. With Go4Clients we make Drips marketing easy to set-up with a simple drag and drop interface. Simply choose your communication channel, the messages, and actions. And that’s it! Nothing fancy. Automating the sales process allows Drip campaigns to educate your leads. You spend less time pitching your products and services because Drips is doing it for you. Remember, work smarter not harder!

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