October 17, 2019

How to Send an SMS Re-targeting Campaign

How To Use Go4Clients

September 1, 2020

How to Send an SMS Re-Targeting Campaign

How To Use Go4Clients

First time isn’t the charm in most cases…

Marketers understand that there is a process when it comes to reaching out to customers through marketing campaigns. But sometimes, these initial campaigns aren’t enough for consumers to convert or make a purchase.

So marketers turn to their re-targeting strategies. Brands focus on delivering special promotions to customers that have previously interacted with them; and in return they generate sales. With so many different strategies to consider, it can be a headache when deciding how and which one will work best for your organization.

Mobile re-targeting strategies will help drive these consumers down your funnel. SMS re-targeting campaigns offer a different approach for brands to engage with consumers who are on the verge of making a purchase. Adding a different channel of communication such as Text messaging, gives your customers the option to view your offer on their own time and from the comfort of their cell phone. FACT: Users who receive coupons in a branded text message will use these coupons 10X more than traditional paper coupons.

Timing Is Everything

With SMS re-targeting campaigns, or any re-targeting campaign, timing is everything. It is critical to send the Text Message offer at a time where it’s not too soon that it looks like spam, but not too late where they lose interest in your brand.

Sending these scheduled campaigns of limited time offers forces interested consumers to check it out and perhaps make a purchase so they don’t miss out on your deal. Consumers don’t want to feel FOMO, Fear of Missing Out. So they’re more likely to check out the promotion when it’s limited time availability.

Personalized Offers

Consumers go through different customer experiences and journeys. Each one goes at their own pace when exploring through an interesting brand. For the perfect message, brands have to analyze their data to see where the customer last left off.  Did they visit your website? Are they a returning customer? Have they looked into a specific product or service?

No matter the case, each user should receive a specific SMS message tailored to their customer journey to complete a conversion. Conversion rates increase with each additional SMS message is sent.

Personalization comes down to what you know about each consumer and how to tailor that message for them. For example, if you are an e-commerce site that has a logged in user who looked at group particular products, but did not add any items to cart, send them an SMS with a coupon for that group of products and follow up with an email.

Personalization is much more than just adding a name to someone’s message. You have to know the customer and anticipate their needs.

Sending Text Messages with a trackable links allows you to monitor the journey of the customer and see what actions they have taken. This insightful information can help you better understand what your traffic is more attracted to; which in return helps you make some changes to optimize future campaigns.

Respecting Your Customers

While customers do like having another option to receive promotions, it’s always important to respect them. Give your customers the option to Opt-Out or Unsubscribe from your marketing campaigns. Always include STOP=STOP to gain trust with your users and allow them to stop messages when they are ready.

You can avoid high Opt-out rates by sending timed and relevant content to your audience. Using the right content – at the right time – with the right channel can prove to give your organization success with SMS Re-targeting campaigns

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