Collections are a very sensitive topic because nobody likes to be charged. It is an art to know how to charge, to know what channel to use to contact, what words to use, and understand the moment to contact. Technology can improve the recovery of your funds by offering communication tools and use informational messages instead of intrusive messages. Most collection organizations use or have used strategies such as Emails, SMS, Landing Pages, Calls or maybe even a combination of all, but the real question is how easy it has been to handle all the technology. It can get complicated to use an email tool, analyze and then use another tool for SMS, then another for calls. Data can get messy and there is bound to be a mistake when setting up re-targeting campaigns.

What if you want to analyze all your campaigns separately and re-target users with another strategy using each tool manually again? What if you want to try A/B testing quickly? How fast can you create a sequence? Do you need a developer to create the sequence? It’s a nightmare!

The automatic sequences (Drips) of Go4clients allow you to create any sequence by combining Emails, SMS, Landings Pages and Custom Calls based on actions and times. But not only that, Go4Clients centralizes the information and feeds the responses and actions in a single database so that the analysis is easy and fast.

No need for development: The creation and modification of the flows are done graphically in minutes, using drag & drop, without the need for programmers or technical knowledge.

For example, you can create streams such as:

  • Send an email, if the user does not open it then send an SMS with a landing page, if the user still does not open it, then send an IVR, and once they answer they can press 1 to be connected to your call center.
  • Send a payment reminder option on the 1st day and if in a week you have not received the funds then send an SMS, if after 3 days you still have not been paid, send a personalized call.
  • Send an SMS with Landing Page, and once the user opens the Landing Page, a call is triggered between the call center and the user (without user intervention). This ensures that the user is available (because he opened the Landing Page) and is watching the landing page while talking to him.

The possibilities are unlimited, and you can create the ideal flow in minutes.