Inbound SMS Service

If you purchased a long or short code you can receive inbound SMS settings a CallBack URL. Your Go4Clients administrator will have to configure this URL entering to its account and going to “My Profile > Settings” section. Please keep in mind the following rules:

For DEDICATED codes:

You can buy inside Go4clients a DEDICATED short or long code and you will be the only one using this code. If you purchase this kind of code, all Mobile Originator (MO) SMS that your customers send will be sent to the callback URL configured in your account. You don’t need to pre-configure a campaign or a keyword.

For SHARED codes:

You can buy inside Go4clients a SHARED code and you will share it among other users in Go4clients. If you purchase this kind of code your Mobile Originator (MO) SMS will be identified by keywords you will have to buy and configure inside Go4Clients. You can create a 2-Way campaign to manage autoresponses to the MOs. If you want your application to manage dynamically the autoresponses, you need to create a 2-way campaign and create an Identity Keyword without an autoresponse.

1. HTTP Methods

The request parameters are sent via a POST (default) to your Callback URL and Go4Clients will be expecting a 200 OK response, or it will either keep retrying for up to 24 hours or until the maximum amount of retry attempts are reached (up to 10 retry attempts).

Your application will receive the following JSON with each MO received that Go4Clients marks as yours.

2. Request Parameters

String (Required)

The unique message ID reference assigned to each submitted SMS.

String-Date (Required)

Timestamp in millisecounds of when the delivery receipt is initially sent.

String-Date (Required)

Timestamp in millisecounds where the message was received from the mobile network.

String (Required)

The destination number entered into the mobile handset / address for the SMS.

String (Required)

The mobile handset number where the request was made / where the message originated. The Source address may be numeric or alphanumeric (ex: Go4Clients).


The first word in the message body, matching an approved campaign in the account.

String (Required)

The body of the incoming message.

String (Required)
A JSON object for:
  • concatPar (the part number of this message within the set (beginning with 1)
  • concatTotal (the total number of parts in this concatenated message set)
  • concatRefid (the reference ID number (all of themessage parts share the same reference ID)