Inspiring success stories

From big brands to disruptive new ventures, companies around the world and multiple industries are getting proven results with Go4Clients. Here are success stories from brand recognition to significant sales increases.

Lead Generation

Increase in donations that change lives

The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, finds dual-track SMS, a powerful channel for obtaining new donors. It understands the incremental impact of a multi-channel communication strategy. The results of the strategy; a 10x increase in total potential new donors, in record time.

Increasing Contactability

Americas BPS increased contactability with elderly populations by 80%, thanks to Go4Clients automatic and personalized call system, which allowed updating the data required by the health sector, for the best care of this population.

Effective Collections Recovery

Thanks to Go4Clients' automatic alert system, the company was able to automate the process of recovering a delinquent portfolio, as well as notifying possible delinquents of pending doubts via SMS API.

Massive Marketing, effective and personalized

Ticketmaster can do avoid saturation of its call centers when promoting events, generating massive but personalized campaigns through multiple channels such as Email, SMS or Voice. With this initiative, the marketing team exceeds its annual turnover.

Customer Experience

A worldwide call center solution

Thanks to the Toll Free services of Go4clients, this giant French Call Center operator can attend millions of calls generated from LATAM and redirected to its customer service operators in the USA, for companies such as Google, Adidas, Nike, among many others.

Taking care of the health of your company in times of COVID-19

Through the NPS service, automated and personalized Go4Clients surveys through Email, SMS and Landing Pages. Thanks to this Alquería can carry out daily and real-time monitoring of the health status of its more than 5,000 employees throughout the country (Colombia), in times of COVID-19.

Empowering virtual education for thousands of students

By incorporating a multi-platform digital strategy, made possible through Go4Clients, the Talentum Corporation ensures the sustainability of its virtual education business, increasing communication with its current students and generating double-digit increases in new students.

Taking Marketing Globally

From the personalized welcome message from the company president to each of its new employees, to the generation of campaigns to increase the sale of its products, the multinational Belcorp relies on the multichannel platform of Go4clients to carry its message and values as a company, to everyone.