One of the fastest growing industries in recent years has been the E-commerce industry. Every year more people make purchases through virtual stores and in  moments of social isolation this industry has become more relevant. Hence, it is vitally important to keep your store’s customers informed about the status of their orders, purchase confirmation and many other notifications. That is why making use of technologies such as SMS or Email is crucial to maintain a good experience for your customers. 

With Go4Clients you can create marketing strategies using Email, SMS and Calls, all in one place. In minutes you can create attractive personalized Emails using your own designs or the templates included in Go4Clients, or create magnificent Landing Pages to be included in SMS, or generate audios to be included in voice messages. Furthermore, using Drips you will be able to create flows integrating Email, Voice and SMS.

Shopping cart abandonment

Having an effective strategy in the shopping cart abandonment process will allow you to dramatically increase your sales. Below some examples of what Go4Clients API’s allows:

Send an SMS  with a landing page or Email offering more products,

Send an SMS  with a landing page or Email redirecting the user  to the shopping cart again to finalize the order.

Send an automatic reminder SMS with a landing page or Email if the user has not opened them after a few days. All these sequences can be done automatically using Drips;  you only have to create your drip campaign once, integrating the communication channels you want to use and the whole process will be automated helping you to be more efficient in the interaction with your users.

Product purchase

Keeping your customers notified about purchasing products in your online store is vitally important so that your customers feel confident in your store and are assured that the purchased product will arrive at their homes. Go4clients offers you the possibility of keeping your clients notified via Email, SMS or Calls. You can also integrate all these technologies by creating automated flows with our Drips service.