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Create a mobile Landing Page in minutes and include:

• A Click-to-Call button so the prospect can call your contact center immediately

• API integration with your CRM/ Call Center so we can send you every action taken by the prospect

Send personalized SMS and Landing Pages to all your prospects

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Prospects can connect to your agents by using the Click-to-Call button, or by completing a lead form, or click to your website for more info

Even better, all the actions taken by the prospect are recorded and sent to your CRM so your agent can call the prospect immediately

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Analytics capture every lead that opens a Landing Page, clicks through links or uses a Call to Action. All data collected can be returned in real time back to your CRM via API. This information allows you to Retarget “HOT LEADS” immediately

We help you increase overall list yield!

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Collect information and conduct surveys

Include in your landing pages: ready-to-use forms and configurable surveys. Just include in the Landing Page a form to collect the information (Name, Age, etc).

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Collect, review and improve

We provide powerful real time statistics so you can learn from your data and improve your campaigns. We provide information all the way down to the user level. Know who clicked on each item, where and when.

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Do you need a customized solution?

We understand one-size-fits-all does not always work. That's why we will work one-on-one with you to provide a customized solution that works for your particular needs.

We can personalize the links of your Landing Pages so your users can recognize your brand
and open your Landing Pages Immediately: “


Hi #NAME# this is a demo of a CALL TRANSFER. Imagine how many SALES you can close. click

1. Please enter your name

2. Enter a valid email address.

3. Enter the country where you are located

4. Enter a valid phone number for the selected country

5. You will receive an SMS, click on the link to open the Landing Page

6. When you open the landing page you will receive a Call Transfer

Start using Go4Clients today Sales Contact: +1 (786) 871-6544


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