Marketing automation has become a valuable and necessary tool for the academic sector.

Go4Clients and its robust automation features will allow you to draw significant benefits while providing people with the attention they deserve.

Why automate the marketing of your institution?

With an automated marketing strategy, you will be able to keep track of the students and alumni of the institution while simultaneously being able to inform potential students in a personalized manner, generating a differential and increasing conversions.

Not only will the communications be optimized, but also the actions, which will be constantly monitored. This will enable you to obtain an analysis of the results in real-time. In this manner, it will be easier for your team to identify the most effective actions to design the necessary strategies to obtain better results.

How can Go4Clients improve your level of communication?

Informational e-mails for potential students

Sending automated e-mails to present the courses, the campus, and the extracurricular activities, including pictures and detailed information for those potentially interested students, reinforce your value proposition and help them picture the meaning of attending your institution.

Informational e-mails for current students

When you need to distribute information and make announcements, you will be able to deliver e-mails to all the institution students, ensuring the distribution on time and correctly.

When you need to communicate highly relevant data, you will be able to coordinate the distribution of e-mails + SMS to make sure that the students receive the announcement in question.

  • For instance, in case of class suspensions or closure of the academic institution.

To remain in contact with the alumni

Nowadays, 65% of the graduates decide to keep studying and growing within their chosen field.

Sending informational e-mails to remind the alumni benefits of the institution, offering promotions, courses, forums, and announcements for alumni local meetings will enable you to maintain and develop the alumni network while providing them with an incentive to keep choosing you. Hoy día, el 65% de los graduados optan por seguir estudiando y formándose en el camino elegido.

Welcome to the orientation

Starting college can be overwhelming.

By sending a simple and educational welcome e-mail with the academic calendar, the map of the institution, and essential, precise information will make the first days easier and more pleasant for the incoming students. This will cause a valuable difference for your institution.

Payment reminders

Sending e-mails with the bill attached, anticipating the payment due date, the quota amount, and available payment methods.

On the payment due date, you will send an SMS with the link to make the payment, optimizing time.

Personalized forms

Thanks to the configuration of Landing Pages, you will capture information about the current and potential students with personalized forms. Afterward, you will have the ability to keep track based on their specific interests.

Advanced reports

The platform's analysis of metrics and results will denote which offers and campaigns drive the best results.

The correct use and reading of the reports will allow you to discover new strategies and ways to grow.

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