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Cobranza Marketing Marketing is the way how customers and companies interact with needs and solutions. For most marketers the challenge is to understand what a specific customer needs and solve using a product or service. For achieving these huge tasks, marketers need several communication channels...

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Cobranza Developers Developers want to use well-documented APIs that are easy to understand and use, but most of all they want flexibility and to save time using pre-established procedures. Go4Clients APIs offer the methods to send and receive SMS, Voice Calls, and Emails, check prices, generate audios using text2speech,...

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Data Collection

Cobranza Data Collection Sending personalized marketing to customers is challenging if you lack a database. Trying to collect data manually, think the checkout counter asking for information, proves to be tedious and inefficient. Using Go4Clients, specifically, SMS will be the best way to start. We recommend to...

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