Join 10,000+ other businesses that automate their communications with Go4Clients

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Join 10,000+ other businesses that automate their communications with Go4Clients

Technology has allowed most industries to improve communication with their end-users by offering tools from informational but not intrusive to promotional and highly intrusive. It’s evident that reaching end-users by combining different channels results in a much higher ROI than using a single channel. Strategies that use emails, SMS, Landing Pages, calls and any number of channel combinations are popular, but the question is, how easy is it to manage all these technologies? Do they use a separate tool for Emails, another for SMS and one more for Calls? Will all data and results collected be analyzed separately or will it need to be exported from one service to another for clearer analysis? Will retargeting and following up require manually entering data in each tool to start the process again? It's a nightmare.

Go4clients allows you to send and combine Emails, SMS, Landing Pages and Custom Calls by creating automatic sequences (drips), based on actions and times. But not only that, Go4Clients centralizes the results from responses and actions and feeds all that information to a single database so that the analysis is easy and fast.

No need for development: The creation and modification of the sequences is graphically done in minutes, using drag & drop, without the need for programmers or technical knowledge.

Regardless of your industry, now there is an easy to use tool that will immediately improve the communication with your end-users. The possibilities are endless

Main benefits

Intuitive drag & drop interface

Create automated workflows in minutes using drag & drop interface and combine SMS, Email, Calls, IVR, Landing Pages in any order based on actions and time.


Set the number of messages you want to send per minute and evaluate the performance of your campaign or modify the sending speed in real time

Retargeting without data manipulation retargeting

Send multiple SMS, voice and Email campaigns without manipulating your databases. This will allow you to guarantee the integrity of the data

Integration with external modules

Integration with actions and elements from other systems (CRM, Collections Systems, schedulers) via webhook.

Other benefits

  • Create automatic sequences in minutes using drag & drop interface.
  • Combine SMS, Email, Calls, IVR, Landing Pages in any order based on actions and time of interaction.
  • Centralized statistics in a single database.
  • Detailed analytics by element and step within the sequence.
  • Integration with actions and elements from other systems (CRM, Collections Systems, schedulers) via webhook


Sequence 1

Send an email, if the user does not open it then send an SMS + Landing Page, if it does not open it then send an IVR, and if they answer & press 1, connect them to your call center.

Sequence 1 of Drips automatic sequence

Sequence 2

Send a payment reminder option on the 1st day, if in a week the user has not paid then send an SMS, if after 3 days they still have not paid send a call.

Sequence 2 of Drips automatic sequence

Sequence 3

The possibilities are unlimited, and you can create the ideal sequence in minutes.

Sequence 3 of Drips automatic sequence

Unleash the power of Drips Marketing Automation

Drips make omnichannel and automation simple. Just pick your message and choose the most relevant channel for the very right time.

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Start now

Graphic showing a Drips campaign using SMS, voice, email and landing page Graphic showing a Drips campaign using SMS, voice, email and landing page

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Frequent asked questions

Drips Marketing is the process of using automation combining Email, SMS and Voice to improve the customer journey delivering better conversion and ROI.

Drips Marketing works by allowing you to create custom sequences while integrating all of your communication channels. These sequences are created in minutes thanks to our Drag & Drop interface. Drips Marketing allows you to combine the power of multichannel to deliver the message to your potential clients, guaranteeing the greatest readability and impact possible. For examples on how Drips Automation has improved campaigns see Case Studies

The fact that each customer receives a message based on their previous behaviour and is delivered through different channels will improve the customer experience and journey, and will also improve your conversion rate and ROI.

Whatever you want to achieve (lead generation, increase the commitment of your current customers, increase the reach of your communication or increase the retention of your current customers with the brand), Drips marketing spreads your word through the Channels that your contacts use the most: mobile (sms, emails, voice messages), guaranteeing an increase in the readability and reach of your message, which translates into a significant increase in the impact of your marketing campaigns.

According to figures from the consulting firm e-Marketers, email marketing has an average 10-15% reading rate in the US. With Drips Marketing's multi-channel approach, you can increase this rate by 3x, 4x or even 5x. In other words, with the same effort and supported by Drips Marketing, you can increase your marketing objectives by more than 300%.

Go4Clients' Drips marketing tool is free. Yes, free. You can setup your first automated campaign right now. Pay according to the volume of campaigns you generate, with different plans made according to your needs.

We suggest you start by creating an account with us and exploring all of our marketing channels by creating “trial” campaigns using our complementary credit. Once you are familiar with our platform and wish to integrate different channels contact one of our specialists. We’ll be happy to provide a free demo and walk you through how to create your first sequence. ENJOY YOUR DRIP!

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