Learn about the benefits for your agency.

1. White label

Distribute it under your brand and logo.

Go4Clients offers two White label options to adapt to any agency size and business model, including those already implementing a marketing automation platform. See White label

Graphic displaing how Go4Clients offers expert consulting on your marketing automation strategy
Gráfico que muestra cómo Go4Clients ofrece consultoría experta sobre su estrategia de automatización de marketing

2. Financially feasible

  • PROFITABLE: Our plans are based on use, not on the number of contacts or users.

Go4Clients places all the SMS, phone calls, and emails from all of your clients in your account, and your account will benefit through discounts due to volume, which will generate more significant margins.

  • NO LONG-TERM COMMITMENT: This will allow you to create trial accounts for new clients and offer flexible plans with zero risks.

3. Differentiate yourself from your competition.
Your clients demand more.

  • Increase conversion drastically and offer much more than email automation.
  • When the client is reached out using sequences that combine email / SMS / phone calls, the conversion rate increases drastically since the user can receive and obtain the information at the right moment using the best channels.
  • Spoil your clients by offering them personalized processes to satisfy their individual needs.
Graphic showing Go4Clients marketing and engineer experts supporting on campaign creation and strategy

4. Complement your current marketing automation platform

    1. Complement the offer integrating SMS and Voice with your current platform. Hundreds of available integrations. See integrations.

    2. Provide your clients with another option to choose the best platform for them to use. They will love the prices and features of Go4Clients.

    3 Acquire new clients offering lower prices and better functionality.
  • If you still do not offer marketing automation, you are missing out on a great opportunity. With Go4clients, you can start immediately and in a fast and very affordable manner.
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  • Professional services: if you do not have the resources to manage the marketing automation for your clients, Go4Clients offers a series of services that range from the design of Landing Pages to the entire management of campaigns.

5. Integration with hundreds of CRM, CMS

One of the most critical pieces in marketing automation is data.

In most cases, data is already stored in the CRM or CMS.

Go4Clients has hundreds of integrations available. Therefore every time a new potential client is registered in the CRM, Go4Clients will activate a sequence designed for this type of user. See integrations

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