Go4Clients is much more than Email Marketing Automation

When you have a platform with so much power and flexibility, you could create custom sequences for many processes in the Digital Space, including Marketing Automation using Email, SMS, Calls and the combination of those, Lead Generation, Collections, Alarms, Notifications, etc. Not only that, you can also engage the user during its entire cycle: from promotion to retention and loyalty. See CRM

Why any agency will benefit from using Go4Clients?

When we built Go4Clients we thought about not only its power and flexibility, but also how digital agencies can benefit from using our platform with their clients, and we took into consideration the following points:

1. White Label

Offer it under your own brand and logo. Go4Clients offers two White Label options to fit any agency size, business model, including those already using a Marketing Automation Platform.

Graphic showing Go4Clients marketing and engineer experts supporting on campaign creation and strategy
Graphic displaing how Go4Clients offers expert consulting on your marketing automation strategy

2. Financially Viable

  • Go4clients offer two White Label Models starting from zero cost setup and $100 monthly minimum usage.
    See White Label Models
  • Our plans are based on usage, not on contacts, and not on users. Go4Clients puts in your account all the SMS, Email and Calls sent from all your clients, and your account will benefit from volume discounts, which will generate higher margins for you.
  • No long term commitments. This will allow you to create test accounts for new clients and offer flexible plans with zero risks.

3. Differentiate from the competition. Your customers need more.

  • Increase conversion drastically and offer much more than Email Marketing Automation
  • When the customer is engaged using sequences combining EMAIL / SMS / CALLS, the conversion rate increases dramatically since the user can receive/obtain the information at the right time using the best channels

Graphic showing Go4Clients marketing and engineer experts supporting on campaign creation and strategy
  • Treat your clients with white gloves offering them custom processes to fulfill their individual needs.

Don’t let your leads go cold.

Imagine that when a lead fills out any time of Form (Go4Clients Forms, Facebook Lead Ads, Google, etc), they immediately receive a phone call from your agents, or perhaps they receive an email or text message with the product information & how to buy. Think about how many deals can be closed right there.
See Forms and Surveys

Increase collection.

If your clients need to collect money, you could create a sequence that sends an email to the delinquent user informing him that the bill is due. If the email is not answered, then an SMS is sent with a link to make the payment, if the SMS is still not answered, then an automatic call is dialed to connect the delinquent user with your client’s contact center.
See collections

Increase sales

Publish a lead generation form ( using facebook add leads, google forms, etc) , integrate it with Go4Clients, and set up an immediate and automatic call with a sales representative if the user is interested in your services. This will speed up your sales closing process.

Retain costumers

Send a satisfaction survey and if a client is not satisfied with the services or is likely to leave for the competition, activate an automatic call from your CX team to assess the situation and/or send an automatic discount coupon via email or sms.

These and many other sequences can be created in minutes.
Think about the positive impact on your clients. Think about how grateful and loyal customers can be receiving these services. Can your competition offer these services ???

4. Complement your current marketing automation platform

  • If you are using an email marketing automation platform you can use Go4Cliets to: Complement the offering by integrating Go4Clients SMS and Voice with your existing Platform. Hundreds of integrations available. See Integrations Give another option to your clients to choose the best platform for their usage. They will love Go4Clients pricing and features. Get new clients on board offering lower prices and more functionality

  • If you are not offering Marketing Automation, you are missing a huge opportunity. With Go4clients you can start right away very fast and very inexpensively.
  • Professional services: If you do not have the resources to manage the marketing automation for your clients, Go4Clients offers a suite of professional services that range from Landing Page design to complete campaign management.
    See marketing services

5. Plans that make sense

Go4Clients charges per usage, not per lead or contact, not per new user.

  • Offering unlimited email per lead/contact is deceiving

    Most of the platforms offer plans that include a maximum number of contacts per month, with “unlimited” emails per contact per month, but the truth is that on average you can only send at the most 5 emails per month to each contact. So if the plan costs $10/ month for 500 contacts, you are paying $10 for 2500 emails, so each email will cost you 0.004. Instead, Go4Clients adds up all the SMS, Email and Calls sent by all your customers, and your account will benefit from volume discounts.

  • Go4Clients does not charge per new users

    Most of the other platforms charge a fee per new customer. Go4Clients do not charge per new users. Instead, Go4Clients adds up all the SMS, Email, and Calls sent by all your customers, and your account will benefit from volume discounts.

6. Integration with 100’s of CRM, CMS

One of the most important pieces of marketing automation is the data. In most cases, it’s already stored in the client’s CRM or CMS. Go4Clients has 100’s of integrations available so every time a new lead is created in the CRM, Go4Clients will trigger a sequence designed for that type of user. See integrations

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