Why automation in health institutions?

Simple. automating communications within the healthcare industry allows communication to improve in terms of time and quality.

It is the key to communicate with patients in a non-intrusive and personalized manner. Prioritizing the quality and professionalism of the service

How to use Go4Clients to improve customer service?

Now that you know the benefits, it is important to understand how these strategies can be applied with Go4Clients. Look at these examples:

1. Appointment reminders

Thanks to automation, you will drastically reduce the number of patients who do not show up for their scheduled appointments.

  • In fact, you can schedule emails and SMS messages with information about each patient's appointment.

  • At least, patients will be able to cancel their appointments in advance instead of simply not showing up.

2. Delivery of forms to patients

With the delivery of personalized forms, you will request your patients to provide any required information before they arrive at their medical appointments.

This will optimize time for the staff and the patients, accomplishing better efficiency.

3. Deliveries with updated information to each patient

It is always convenient to keep your patients informed! For example, you can send:

  • Campaigns based on age and gender. You can send information about healthcare control, for example.

  • Medical advice based on age, gender, health condition. This could be offered to both inpatients and outpatients.

  • Campaigns about general precaution or awareness of recurring diseases and infections.

  • Free campaigns about health check-ups and delivery of the patient information to the CRM for a better follow-up.

Additionally, you can create automated newsletters for your patients.

  • For instance, in the current COVID 19 context, you can send updated information and suggestions for your patients to stay safe at home without panicking!

4. Summaries after the appointments

Are your patients satisfied?

Healthcare services require years of training and specialized knowledge, but patient experience is critical to building a good reputation.

Sending a simple follow-up email requesting feedback. This is a simple way of obtaining some information about patient satisfaction.

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