Join 10,000+ other businesses that automate their communications with Go4Clients

Join 10,000+ other businesses that automate their communications with Go4Clients

Main benefits

Landing page Builder

Build landing pages quickly, customize them and add as many action buttons as you need. Using these landing pages in your SMS campaigns you will be able to know exactly who took action in your landing pages.

Set sending speed

- Set the number of messages you want to send per minute and evaluate the performance of your campaign or modify the sending speed in real time


Create retargeting campaigns by filtering the records of each one of your campaigns. You can create a new SMS campaign based on users who opened an SMS, took an action on a landing or even for failed SMS.


- Personalize each message and grab customers’ attention. Customizing your SMS will allow you to increase your conversions and build customer loyalty.

Other benefits

  • Send via Excel or API
  • Schedule campaigns by day and hour.
  • Change sending speed in real time.
  • Choose sender number per campaign in order to compare the performance of each campaign.
  • Database cleaning differentiating mobile, fixed and deactivated numbers.
  • Use of Groups and Contacts
  • URL shortener included
  • Include custom short links per user
  • Track opens per user.
  • Rotating link domains to avoid blocking.
  • Rotation of sending numbers to avoid blockages.
  • Very detailed analytics
  • Global coverage

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Frequent asked questions

SMS marketing consists of using text messages as a channel to carry out marketing activities through the communication channel most widely used today by people, their cell phones. The power of SMS is that it is a fast, well-known and easy communication channel that your clients use and love.

Do you remember the days when you would send any mass campaign by text message and prayed for a sale? Fortunately, those times are over. SMS marketing allows you to automate communication with your customers, in a practical way, using short texts or links. Imagine sending an email to your clients, in parallel sending an SMS only to those who did not open your email, inviting them to view your message in their inbox. Your message will reach a much larger audience and your sales efforts will be accomplished. That is the power of multi-channel thanks to SMS Marketing.

SMS reading rates are astronomically higher compared to email, with average reading values of 90% within 3 minutes of receiving it. Amazing, right? Furthermore, in developing countries, with difficult access to smartphones, SMS is the channel with the highest market penetration. This makes text messages highly effective, useful for delivering critical information with the highest possible market coverage.

With 91% of adults in the US owning a phone, SMS is a great way to reach all of your customers directly. By including a link in the text message, you can integrate other channels such as your website, landing pages, among many others. Although Email and SMS marketing have many similarities in the implementation of their strategies, they always work better together.

The SMS marketing tool with Go4Clients is free. We simply charge based on the amount of messages sent. For a more in depth look at our prices visit our Pricing page

They say the best way to learn is by doing. We invite you to create an account with us and take advantage of complimentary credit in order to send your first campaign. We will guide you all throughout the process. Also keep in mind that SMS works best with Email. Start your SMS Marketing strategy on Go4Clients by complementing your email marketing strategy. You can create campaigns through both channels, using email to include more detailed information and SMS to communicate more urgent information or with shorter deadlines. Don't wait any longer and discover the power of SMS marketing.

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