Why use Go4Clients to communicate with your citizens?

1. Access to the information

About 40% of the population still has difficulties accessing digital content due to limitations and barriers such as illiteracy, disability, access to technology, and economic constraints.

The government must include channels that allow the entire population access to information and services in real-time and must implement it using technologies that will enable:

  • Rapid implementation.
  • Comprehensive geographic and demographic coverage
  • Low costs
  • Communication in an "obvious" and simple way so that even people with disabilities can understand the message.
  • Two-way communication so that the user can respond if necessary.

Go4Clients' Voice (Tex2Speech - IVR - Speech Recognition) and Text Messaging (SMS) technology allow governments to present their materials in a simple, understandable, personalized, and user-friendly way, suitable for any mobile or desktop device.

2. Social Inclusion

In situations of general crisis such as the current one, universal communication mechanisms are essential.

One of the most widely accessible services is voice calls and SMS text messages, which do not require smartphones or internet access.

Go4Clients uses these services and allows you to send thousands of SMS and simultaneous calls, all personalized with individualized information.

3. Automatic Systems of Information

When a vulnerable population group qualifies to receive a benefit or subsidy, they want to know immediately if they are eligible, when they can receive it, for how long, etc.

The need for information is so high that it often causes significant congestion in call centers, generating user disagreement, extra operating costs, and execution times much higher than necessary.

In addition, this population generally does not have smartphones and the internet, so in these cases, communication is also limited to voice and SMS information channels.

Go4Clients offers information systems that dispatch users quickly, relieving pressure on call centers.
See Relieving Call Center Congestion

Look at how Go4Clients has contributed to the significant problem of domestic violence by collaborating
in providing protection and support to victims or potential victims, enabling positive actions.
Family and women's protection

The omnichannel properties and Drips provided by the Go4Clients platform will allow you to make and test different
sequences until you reach the most efficient communication and comprehension of the information sent.

At Go4Clients, we can help by giving you all the tools you need to communicate quickly and efficiently.

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