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Don’t let your “leads” go cold

Many companies use forms like “Facebook Lead Ads” to obtain users’ information in order to generate leads , but in most cases, the opportunity is lost because the lead is not contacted immediately. This results in the lead losing interest and contacting your competition.

Instead, imagine that when a lead fills out your Form, they immediately receive a phone call from your agents, or perhaps they receive an email or text message with the product information & how to buy.

By creating a seamless customer journey from the Form to the end-user you will drastically increase your sales.

Simulate your customer experience.

This could be your customer filling this form

1. Integrate with any form

Unlimited form use types
  • Survey forms
  • Questionnaire forms
  • Quiz forms
  • Quote forms
  • Poll forms
  • Contact forms
  • Feedback forms
  • Event forms
  • Lead generation forms
  • E-Book download form
  • Subscribe form

2. Design the sequence of events your form will trigger

Drips icon to integrate surveys and forms
SMS icon to integrate surveys and forms
Calls icon to integrate surveys and forms
Email icon to integrate surveys and forms

Some examples
  • Trigger a call between the user and your call center.
  • Send the user an SMS with product information.
  • Send an email with subscription / payment confirmation.
  • Send Calendly invite to schedule a call.
  • Trigger an SMS Chat with the support team.
  • Send an automated email sequence with promo codes.

3. Let it run and achieve your goals

  • More revenue
  • Better user experience
  • Increase Loyalty
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Use cases

Graphic showing how you can increase sales by automatically triggering communication

Increase sales

Publish a lead generation form ( using facebook add leads, google forms, etc) , integrate it with Go4Clients, and set up an immediate and automatic call with a sales representative if the user is interested in your services. This will speed up your sales closing process.

Graphic showing how you can retain customers by creating customer satisfaction forms

Retain customers

Send a satisfaction survey and if a client is not satisfied with the services or is likely to leave for the competition, activate an automatic call from your CX team to assess the situation and/or send an automatic discount coupon via email or sms.

Grapihc showing how you can increase lead genation by pre-qualifying contacts

Lead generation

Create a lead form ( using facebook, instagram or linkedin) and integrate it with Go4Clients. Once the lead has filled the information, validate the data ( like email and phone number) with Go4Clients and automatically send a communication to each new record. This way, you will have, in seconds, a pre-classification of the quality of your leads.