Boosting your sales
has never been so easy

Start capturing leads via forms and
contact them instantly.
They won't be able to resist!

Don't you have a form?


With Go4Forms you can easily create contact forms to collect data, files and payments
and increase your sales by contacting your users immediately through automated Emails,
SMS and Calls.

Boost your business in 4 simple steps

Create your form on your preferred platform.

Enter Go4Clients and choose any of our templates or design your own DRIP from scratch.

Integrate your form through Webhooks, in a simple and guided way.

Ready, Start contacting your potential customers immediately and automatically!

Did you know that we have
other forms of integration?

Simulate your customer experience.

This could be your customer filling this form

Integrate with any form

Do it through the following forms of integration:

  • API

Know all the integrations with which you can connect your form

Do I need it for my business?

Thousands of companies lose hundreds of opportunities for not contacting their leads immediately...

Imagine that when a potential customer fills out your form, they immediately receive a phone call from your agents, or perhaps they receive an email or text message with the product information and how to buy.

By creating a seamless journey from form to end user, you will dramatically increase your sales.

By saving time and resources, you will develop your customer base and you will be able to link it with your CRM and all your marketing campaigns in order to provide the best service to your customers.


Use cases

Increase sales

Publish a lead generation form ( using Facebook add leads, Google forms, etc) , integrate it with Go4Clients, and set up an immediate and automatic call with a sales representative if the user is interested in your services. This will speed up your sales closing process.

Retain customers

Send a satisfaction survey and if a client is not satisfied with the services or is likely to leave for the competition, activate an automatic call from your CX team to assess the situation and/or send an automatic discount coupon via email or sms.

Lead generation

Create a lead form ( using Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin) and integrate it with Go4Clients. Once the lead has filled the information, validate the data ( like email and phone number) with Go4Clients and automatically send a communication to each new record. This way, you will have, in seconds, a pre-classification of the quality of your leads.

Automates call

Integrate your form through webhooks and make two call attempts to contact your lead using play audio and transfer to refer them to an operator. If you do not respond, a contact email will be sent to close the flow

Appointment reminder

Remind your patients of scheduled appointments through two SMS reminders 24 hours and 2 hours before the scheduled event.

Appointment reminder 2WAY

Remind your patients of scheduled appointments by sending reminders 24 hours and 2 hours before the appointment. Each reminder has the option to cancel and reschedule.

Follow me

This service allows you to buy a number in any country and configure it to redirect your number to another country.

Net promoter score

The drip aims to carry out NPS, which is used by companies to measure the satisfaction of their customers with their products or services.

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