Main Benefits

Configuration of sending hours

Set allowed hours to send campaign. Set the allowed sending times and even if the maximum time is reached continue the next day at the same times. This allows you to have a voice campaign that complies 100% with the regulation

IVR + Call Transfers

Create custom voice menus. Through our IVR creator you can transfer calls, play audios, and configure the options that the user can press and based on this execute more options.

Sending Speed Configuration

Functionality Ideal for call-centers. Set the maximum number of simultaneous calls while sending your campaign. This way you can limit the number of calls received by your agents.

Multiple Languages and Voices

Use our Text2Speech service with multiple voices and languages. Record your audio directly on the platform or use voice parameters to edit tone, volume and pauses among others.

Other Benefits

  • Send via Excel or API
  • Up to 10,000 simultaneous calls (depending on the country)
  • Redial programming if there is no answer
  • Segment Groups and Contacts
  • Choose sender number per campaign to compare the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • Answering machine detection (depending on country)
  • Voice message generation via Recording, Text2Speech or .wav file
  • IVR: IVR builder including personalized voice messages
  • Speech recognition
  • Schedule campaigns by day and hour.
  • Change sending speed in real time
  • Database cleaning differentiating mobile, fixed and deactivated numbers
  • Voice customization using Text2Speech through API or from Excel file
  • Redirect inbound calls, configure inbound calls to be redirected to another telephone number or IVR.
  • Very detailed analytics
  • Retargeting based on unanswered calls
  • Global Coverage

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