Main Benefits

Keep track of opens and clicks

Track all links of your campaign in one system! Use the URL shortener for your SMS, email, search and social media campaigns, and get real-time stats on who opened or took action in your landing.

Custom domains

- Create custom short links with your domain. Links with your brand make your customers safer and more prone to click on it.

Custom CTA buttons

The action buttons have a lot of flexibility and can direct traffic to your website, product pages, social networks, connect to WhatsApp chat, connect via email, SMS chat or make phone calls to your Call Center with the Call Transfer feature.


Use our retargeting process to send a follow-up message to those users who opened the link or create a separate message to convert those who did not click on a CTA

Other Benefits

  • Native integration with Go4Clients SMS
  • Native integration with Go4Clients short links.
  • Pixels
  • Predefined templates for surveys, videos, forms.
  • Call2Actions included such as: call, sms, email, Social Media, etc.
  • Customization of each button, image and text through API or from Excel file.
  • Per user tracking of each call2action.
  • Opening time statistics.
  • Very detailed analytics.

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