What Can Go4Clients Voice Campaigns Do For You?

Voice broadcast campaigns can be used to reach a huge audience in minutes. Voice Broadcasts are campaigns that trigger phone calls to users expressing promotional offers, reminders, information, or facilitates customer service for consumers. By sending voice campaigns you can increase conversion rates, revenues, and call center efficiency.

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Voice Broadcast Features

Voice Broadcast

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Concurrent Calls

Set the maximum amount of concurrent calls, which are the amount of simultaneous calls you would like to send while the campaign is running. This is useful for small call centers with a limited number of agents to receive the calls. The Go4Clients platform, depending on country, can support up to 10,000 concurrent calls per campaign.

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Call Re-dialer

The Go4Clients platform allows you to set up multiple call retries for users who did not answer the call in the first attempt. Don’t let your data go cold, make sure they convert and answer the calls.

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You can schedule your campaigns by setting the time and date you would like them to start sending, rescheduling can be done with a few clicks. Try using the time zone settings in conjunction with day and time restrictions to target your calls only when you believe users will want to receive them.

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With our real-time analytics suite you can successfully track the calls that were delivered, answered, failed or transferred. Use interaction rates to gauge message performance and make real time data decisions.

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Database management

The Go4Clients database management allows you to import customer data directly to Go4Clients with any standard spreadsheet format. After importing your list, run it through the Database cleaner, which will scrub your file prior to send to ensure your campaign won’t send to landlines, invalid mobile numbers, or consumers on the Do Not Call list (DNC). If you are also sending SMS with your Voice Campaigns, our system will identify dismissive keyword responses and remove users who do not want to receive SMS messages in the future by adding them to the black list in real-time.

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Audio message options

Brand the content of your calls by recording the audio in the platform. If you like a more anonymous solution, you can use the text2speech capabilities with multiple voices available in different languages and tones. Increase your ROI and responses by using the personalization variables to insert names, options or other CRM data. Use the custom variables with the text2speech option to slow or speed up the voice, change tone, pitch and volume.

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Voice Broadcast Benefits

  • Go4Clients has the global coverage to reach your customers worldwide.
  • Go4Clients Voice services are available in 3 different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese) or customize to your own language.
  • Text2Speech allows you to convert text to a dynamic voice message using CRM data to increase conversions and ROI.
  • Call Tracker: Our call-tracking services allows you to assign a different phone number per campaign and compare results to see the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • Inbound call redirect: set inbound calls to be redirected to another phone number or IVR
  • Go4Clients will pre-qualify your leads using SMS, Landing Pages, and IVR. If the lead is valid we could trigger a set of actions such as:
    • Send the information to your CRM via API
    • Trigger a call between the lead and your call center
    • Start a chat via WhatsApp or SMS
  • Go4Clients call-tracking services allows you to assign a different phone number per campaign and compare results to see the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • Customized caller ID: set your own Direct Inward Dialing (DID) or Toll Free Number (TFN) as a source number of the campaign, so the customer can call you back on the phone number you want them to respond too.

How To Setup A Voice Campaign

4 Easy Steps describing how to send a Voice Campaign in minutes
4 Easy Steps describing how to send a Voice Campaign in minutes

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