Main Benefits

Drag & drop template builder

Build templates in minutes for your emails through our drag & drop builder. Add images, texts, buttons, links and more to the content of your emails.


Send emails to your customers about updates of your services or products. Our API allows direct integrations with your website or commercial applications.

Real time analytics

Make decisions in real time and evaluate the performance of your campaigns. Our statistics allow you to see the number and percentage of openings and clicks of your emails as well as bounced and blacklisted emails


Create retargeting campaigns by filtering the records of each of your campaigns. You can create a new email campaign based on users who opened an email, took actions in your email and even for bounced emails.

Other Benefits

  • Send via Excel or API
  • Email database cleaner
  • Landing Pages Creator Included
  • Schedule campaigns by day and hour.
  • Email content personalization.
  • Use of Groups and Contacts
  • Track opens per user.

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