How to use Go4Clients to modernize your communications?

1. Customer Service

Having fast and accessible communication channels is essential to provide quality service, especially when call centers are saturated and responses via email are delayed.

Establish a Customer Service line via SMS - Chat, which has automatic responses combined with a live chat (under the same medium) with officials from the service provider.

Customers will be able to clear up any doubts, complaints, or claims and increase their level of satisfaction!

2. Personalized Calls

In crises (as in Covid-19), many topics are often different from what they have been historical.

Make automated and interactive calls and update your users with information about the new business hours, the open branches, the benefits of aid given by the pandemic (or the context in question), or about helping users to overcome the crisis.

Your clients will enjoy having access to this essential and valuable information!

3. Payment Reminders

Send automatic Emails reminding clients of any upcoming payments so they can stay organized and make payments promptly.

Once the payments are due, it reminds them of the pending amount and the channels they can use to complete this transaction.

You will speed up your collection processes and drastically reduce the folder of delinquent clients!

4. Document Delivery

By sending documentation, such as bank transaction summaries, via email, you can ensure that you reach the right person quickly and effectively while helping our environment.

At the same time, the client will receive the desired documents in a matter of seconds and the comfort of their home, avoiding long queues and delays at branches.

5. Benefits and Promotions

Take advantage of omnichannel strategies and communicate via email, text messages, and phone calls to tell your clients and potential clients about your services, benefits associated with your bank, and new launches. They will not be able to resist!

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